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Spirit Animal - Llama

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Spirit animal, llama
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The spirit of the Llama ... just think 'no drama little llama!'

This is so indicative of the Llama energy for when it connects to you it creates a deep resonances with flow, with the alignment to creating the pathways of energy that will transmute drama into clarity, confidence and motivation in the most loving ways.

Drawing the Llama this was so apparent for nothing was a bother, the energy here was so lovely to connect to and in turn pen, paper and creation just happened!

The energy of the Llama is not to be messed with and will not allow dark energy to create disconnect from the task at hand, you will indeed here find focus to just 'get it done'. Resonating with this energy will help open you to see and evolve into the energy streams that are of love and light, releasing the veils that hide and oppose, the ability to connect with alertness which in turn helps to manifest your reality in whatever way you are working to do so at this time ... in saying that be sure to keep those thoughts optimistic, you can ask the spirit of the Llama to help with mental discipline to continue releasing that which is not beneficial emotionally, intellectually and even (dare I say) egotistically!

You can understand really why people in life just love the Llama, when you are aligned to this energy you do just feel good, that love and light that radiates with them is quite profound and the sense of purpose that comes with that, it is more though than just a sense of purpose but also an ability to expand your intellect, your understanding, your perception of all that is going on around you. This in turn creates motivation and you easily connect to feel the resonance of all you want to get done, who you need to connect to socially, the communication spoken and written that will enlighten to get you to where you need to be.

It truly is a flow on effect that starts at the most authentic level and radiates out, like the ripple effect we spoke of last week in our post ... action creating reaction in a positive and progressive way

In short what you can expect connecting to the Llama

  • Feeling of ease, of everything just being easy peasy lemon squeezy

  • Being more sure of the path you are on

  • Sense of freedom and all being ok

  • A lightness around you that creates connection to optimism

So beautiful! Call on the spirit of the Llama today and embrace the journey that awakens before you.

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