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Spirit Animal - Lynx

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

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The Spirit of the Lynx is one that that works through the energy of the earth element, I also feel and connect to the fire element through it. It is an interesting combination here that can open the soul at it's heart centre to a greater awareness of one's self to then know the path to walk to create change that you wish to see in your life.

Working with the spirit the Lynx, or having this animal connect to you on your journey, is often aligned to a commitment you may have made yourself to step into independence, to embrace your individuality in an effort to find inner peace and contentment. This journey that the Lynx can help you walk is about opening awareness, supporting your vision and ideas and evolving them to be fully unique to prosper without the heavy reliance on others.

You learn about yourself when the spirit of the Lynx blesses you with it's presence. You start to understand a new level of existing that previously you may have desired but could not connect to. You holistically connect through balance of the mind body and soul finding emotional growth, intellectual clarity and consciousness expansion. It is likely through this time of working with the spirit of the Lynx that you will connect to ideas, thoughts and a sense of purpose to assertively make things happen. It will come forth and you will be able to balance the sense of what needs to be achieved with a positive sense of self that keeps you in line with feeling good.

In short, the world is your oyster, this birthing of and transformation of new levels of self, the new horizons, sense of freedom from within and lifting the fog that has kept you lost in the dark.

You may also find, as you walk this journey, that to better understand yourself you are actually connecting with more clarity to others. You will empathically get a clearer sense of situations, emotions that are yours or belong to others. You may find your psychic knowing and abilities evolving through this time connecting you ever more to heightened awareness that, without a doubt, connects you more completely to that sense of inner purpose where freedom of the soul exists.

In short, recapping the Spirit of the Lynx:

  • Connects you to heal with the element of earth & fire

  • Opens your heart centre to feel and resolve karma that holds you back from being your best

  • Aligns you to a journey of transformation and self-discovery

  • Opens awareness of self, of others and how all connect

  • Releases negative patterning to help you connect with higher knowing and mental clarity

  • Shows you the path to free your soul and exist in line with your souls purpose

So much presence and energy here! If you feel you are ready you can call on the spirit of the Lynx in meditation, in your day to day affirmations and just be open and ready to receive.

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