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Spirit Animal - Ostrich

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Spirit animal, Ostrich
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The Ostrich, amazing energy and I never truly realised until I connected to draw him, the artwork here just absolutely flowed, he was definitely keen to make a presence into my Messenger Animal Deck!

So, when you connect to the spirit of the Ostrich exactly what can you expect?

The Ostrich resonates deeply with the elements of air and earth, what this means is that it opens to deep intellectual cleansing and healing that will connect you over time to mental clarity, to emotional stability, to feeling alert, well aligned to your higher-consciousness and ready to go.

Working with this energy, be that through just casually inviting him (her) into your life or with more intention through meditation you essentially open a door to letting the universe know that you assertively want more and fast. You will align to higher perception whilst remaining grounded and focused, you will essentially catapult your focus and direction to where it will fast stream you into opportunity that aligns with higher knowing and truth.

You, through this, will become aware of potential blocks and toxic alignments, like your senses are on overdrive as you move to connect into this new space. This allows you to navigate more efficiently to avoid all that is not beneficial and optimise the forward movement into abundance.

Lets review in short the Ostrich spirit animal

  • Helps you open to the flow of the elements of air and earth to cleanse and heal

  • Will align you to determination, imagination, inspiration, motivation, clarity, purpose, self-reliance and the list goes on!

  • Evolves core strengths in line with organisation, initiative, anticipation, tenacity and awareness

  • Connects you to vision, purpose and potential

  • Awakens the understanding of how to connect to abundance fast

Are you ready for this shift?

Call in the Ostrich, feel the energy flow through you, set your intention for where you would like to be and open yourself to release, to heal, to work intuitively as guided to create the reality you are looking for.

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