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Spirit Animal - Pelican

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Pelican, messenger animals oracle
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The spirit of the Pelican is associated with the element of air and also water, it also strongly connects through the throat chakra flowing back down into the root chakra. This means that when you work with the spirit of the pelican you can connect to your personal truth and beliefs to express in a way that works well for you.

We are reminded with a gentle loving strength and presence when the Pelican visits that we should not be scared to get our feet wet and try new things, to dive down into the nitty gritty of those emotions that we avoid that generally block the ability to step up and into our truth!

With the energy here present you will find an evolving resonance with your creative expression letting go of fear to make things happen. Anxiety will be better dealt with and you will have the ability to go with the flow and know that however it comes forth is perfect for what needs to be at this time. Trust the process and just enjoy the ride!

If you have been suffering with emotional wounds that are truly binding and creating resistance then call on the pelican for this guy is larger than life and the incredible flow of elemental air and water to create that shadow healing is an inspiration. With this release you will find you step into physical health, mental and emotional health and well being also. Emotional cleansing is a mind body and soul process that can be difficult but the rewards at the end with the clarity and ability to connect with 'you' and your authentic truth is well worth the work.

In short, recapping the spirit of the Pelican

  • Helps with releasing heavy emotion, to connect to the lighter side of life

  • Manifest balance and healing mind body and soul

  • Manifests shift to clear creative blocks

  • Opens you to authentically speak your truth

The Pelican is amazing, be the person you want to be today, if you resonate with this then take time to call on the spirit of the pelican in meditation, set your intentions and be open to receive.

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