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Spirit Animal - Platypus

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The Spirit of the Platypus associates deeply with transformation of the connection of mental, intellectual and emotional processes. Working through the elements of water and land, of air and fire to bring a holistic resolve to ongoing negative patterning and triggers that hold you back from fully achieving.

When you are connected with the Spirit of the Platypus you can expect to find your self experiencing an expansion of consciousness. This means that you will, without effort, be understanding, seeing and connecting to life on a new level. What previously may have been difficult to understand and work through now resonates and makes sense.

It is such fascinating energy here and the connection the Platypus can create for you to help better understand your own self through your dreams and meditation visions. The sleep cycles when aligned with the platypus can be especially active so be sure to be aware and write down, decipher and understand what you are shown here to really help yourself release the blocks and move you forward into that place of healing, of mind body soul growth and expansion.

When connecting with the platypus you will also want to pay extra attention to the sensations you receive through 'feeling'. The confirmations and warnings that will be conveyed through clairsentience. All will be heightened and the guidance you receive here will be invaluable to help you connect intuitively to the path moving through the release into the authentic relationship with self in its highest form.

Recapping the Spirit of the Platypus:

  1. Helps to work through triggers that create negative patterning

  2. Opens you to receive messages through dreams

  3. Connects you to your intuitive sense of feeling

  4. Inspires free will aligned to your authentic unique purpose

  5. Opens the path to reclaim and embrace personal power

So if you are ready, if the platypus is in any form around you be open to see, to learn and embrace the journey ahead. It is a blessed thing and rarely an animal that visits so when it does you know change is afoot!

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