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Spirit Animal - Rabbit

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Messenger Animal - Rabbit
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The rabbit is a spirit animal that is connected deeply with the elements of earth and fire, what a brilliant mix to help you excel when aligning to this energy.

In drawing the rabbit he came together really easy, I could feel the truth that lay beneath this fluffy little critter that has a massive adorability attribute with it! I remember thinking as I started that surely it was a little inconceivable to bring him to life but he definitely showed me the way without hesitation.

So coming back to the fact that the spirit of the Rabbit can help you connect to this elemental energy of earth and fire, what does that exactly mean for you?

Basically, when you have a dream, a desire, a wish you want to fulfil. It does not matter how close or far you are to achieving this, it matters not if this is associated with your personal life, professional life, with relationships or just for the joy of wanting ... the spirit of the rabbit with these elements combined will show you the way to get there. It is passion, purpose and inspiration whilst staying grounded and level headed. The spirit of the Rabbit is going to help you create abundance and then multiply that!

Working with this energy you can expect to be motivated to 'hop' right to things letting go of procrastination and delays. The Rabbit has a knack of helping you to avoid obstacles and find work arounds easily that will continue to help you get to where you want to be.

The spirit of the Rabbit will truly help you resonate in optimistic and positive traits that just naturally align you to a quest to succeed. It is, for such a cute and fluffy little thing, a huge energy of love and light that simply never tires. Being grounded you find that connection to oneness to manifest the thoughts and ideas that create this new reality around you.

In short, recapping the rabbit

  • Connects you to conscious thought and oneness

  • Aligns to recognise ideas and how to work around obstacles

  • Motivates helping you to connect to purpose and passion

  • Creates abundance and forges pathways to multiply that

If you think the spirit of the Rabbit could help you then do not hesitate to just request his (her) help, do this through conscious thought, through meditation, through recognition of what you want to bring forth and need help with.

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