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Spirit Animal - Raven

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Spirit totem Raven
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The spirit of the Raven works through the element of the air and also of fire. It is a blessing when this bird connects with you for you can be assured that positive clarity in line with your higher purpose and how to take proactive steps toward that is coming forth.

The Raven has the energy of rebirth, not in the same sense as the phoenix is known but in a way that the cobwebs are cleared, the fog dissipates and the knowing that comes forth connects you to ideas, inspiration and expansion. It is the end of one phase of your life as you then connect to the next.

When you first align with the spirit of the Raven you will start to consciously open to many different aspects of yourself. It is like you are realising for the first time what things are, how they are happening and how you are connected and one with all. It is an energy of letting go of false hoods and justification. The excuses no longer cut it, you open to be more and in doing so will receive messages and guidance from teams in spirit, will be connected to a deeper sense of your own morality.

The spirit of the Raven is known for its intimate relationship with souls that have passed. When you see a raven be sure to open your mind to receive any messages from loved ones, from your ancestors for it is possible that you are being guided to a place of resolving ancestral wounds and in doing so open to healing the family line of generational issues that have plagued it.

This is a remarkable energy and it is always associated with a quest to succeed. Those who experience negative energy from the raven need to realise that it is the RELEASE of what is holding you back that is shifting. This release you need to be open to let go of. Don't fight it for attachment to the turmoil will only prolong what is happening. Work to understand the signs, the messages you are receiving. The power and potential here is real. It is mind body and soul to work through. Connect with more than logic and you will find a path to a freedom you have not experienced previously.

In short, recapping the spirit of the Raven

  • Opens you to clarity and in doing so connects you to a higher path in life

  • Aligns you to potential

  • Helps to release ancestral wounds and heal family blocks

  • Creates opportunity to communicate with crossed souls

  • Forges pathways to oneness, connection of all aspects of self with life

The spirit of the Raven is amazing, it is the bird associated with my business Airmeith and I am sure you can understand now, as a Reiki Master with a commitment to help heal and guide, just how powerful the symbolism here with the Raven is!

So blessed to be connected and inspired to help you align to your own divine energy through the help of the Raven.

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