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Spirit Animal - Rhinoceros

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

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This animal in spirit is a powerhouse of energy and an injection of 'reality check'. To draw it has challenged me and had me second guessing myself at times but ... ahhhh, I have faith and trusted that all would work out fine, which I feel it did just that!

So the Rhino channels the energy of Pluto and connects you to the elements of Earth and Air, but what does this mean for you?

Well a combination of these energies will literally connect you to recognise and channel pathways to the power within. The Rhino and calling on this spirit animal to be with you will create an intense focus and ability to literally smash through the obstacles holding you back and in doing so connect you to healing on new levels, to cleansing pathways you didn't know needed cleaning up that impact on you emotionally, psychically, intellectually and when you put this all together, on you inner child and sense of self in a reality of trying to figure out where and how you personally fit.

Expanding out to the bigger picture as this evolves you will, with the help of the Rhino recreate your own truth and this impacts massively on your alignment and ability to connect to abundance, working with your divine truth, seeing without having a blinded perception and this essentially expanding your consciousness to intuitively know more. You will through relationships find an easier connection, a deeper meaning and veils will clear to open you to soul family where success really does lay.

The Rhino is a BIG energy but don't be fearful of working with it, he / she is a gentle giant and it is not all work work work. The energy here will help you let go of hesitation that prevents you from just 'letting go'. You will find yourself opening to laugh, to love more freely, to accept more openly, to just be silly and enjoy what the present moment has to offer.

In short, recapping the Spirit of the Rhinoceros

  • Opens you to connect to your inner power and potential

  • Helps to release obstacles that prevent positive growth

  • Can help align you to positive sense of self and well-being

  • Expands consciousness to new realisations

  • Potentially connects you to soul family

Work with crystals that help to find that inner self, perhaps carnelian, topaz, black obsidian and amethyst would be a powerful combination with the Rhino spirit to really pack a punch and actively create change for YOU. Today is your day to manifest change!

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