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Spirit Animal - Seal

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The Spirit of the Seal is very associated with the energy of water, the element that connects to your emotional health and well-being. The energy here is also very yin a feminine energy of explosive opportunity when tapped into.

The Seal can help you with awareness of what lay within, to help you resolve deep emotion that is potentially holding you back from achieving in the way you desire and envision. Often what holds one back in life is the unrecognized trauma, that which you shut out for it is too painful to address at the time. When this culminates through lifetimes in a repeating pattern it can become like a festering wound that prevents you fully tapping into your own potential, despite your best efforts.

Calling on and connecting with the spirit of the seal can truly help to create a shift. When you are ready to let go and step onto that healing path the seal will intuitively guide and help you release. Imagine for a moment how fluent and resilient the seal is in the water, this is the energy that is created within and around you as you consciously decide that now is your time to let it go, to heal, to be a better version of yourself where freedom of the soul is achieved.

The seal is also a master at challenging you to let go of what doesn’t serve you well with what you consciously connect to on a daily basis. Your thoughts and attitudes, mind-sets and beliefs. All these things are very much a symptom of that suppressed emotion but the seal will keep pushing you to remind you to correct in your own self these things, to turn the negative to a positive, to evolve the yin yang and create a better balance.

It is a beautiful thing that comes forth through this process that the spirit of the seal helps you invoke. In that connection that is freedom to feel and believe that comes forth from releasing the heavy energy and emotion you will find that you are thinking clearer which connects you to inspiration, assertiveness, clarity, creativity ... you may start experiencing a more profound awareness of your dreams, ideas and vision. A real sense of purpose and the desire to make that happen.

This awakening of you is truly a beautiful thing. You realise your own worth, step into a better sense of you ... that is what we refer to as personal power. The awareness that you DO have a place, you are valuable in your own right and that the existence you live here and now is one that you are going to make count.

In short, recapping the Spirit of the Seal

  • Connects you an ability to realise your own self worth

  • Is able to help with healing the shadow self

  • Works to create balance in life

  • Aligns you to achieve with a sense of purpose

  • Inspires creativity and freedom of soul to exist uniquely

If the spirit of the seal has visited you, or you feel it is time for you to step onto this path and have called on it then embrace the journey. Releasing the heavy emotion is not easy but it is a learning experience that teaches you about you, and through this you evolve, become stronger and connect to the path that is where you are meant to be in life.

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