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Spirit Animal - Squirrel

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

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The Squirrel is such a gorgeous little critter, so nimble and open to opportunity in every situation. He (she) has unwavering balance, control and a oneness with their environment that is remarkable to say the least.

I have loved drawing the squirrel, I have felt so much resonance with it at this time and walking my local area over the last couple of weeks I have seen multitudes of them. I really wanted to bring this sense of wonder and joy to all of you as I feel it at this time!

When you connect with the energy of the Squirrel in spirit you connect to a deep knowing and understanding that will align you to feeling how everything is fully interconnected, that the energy and relationship between all is there for you to really evolve and heal with if you choose to do so. There is a connection to resourcefulness that will open your perception to realising that lifestyle, relationships, self-care and mind-sets and that to integrate all will impact massively in one way or another, preferably you choose the way that leads to positive balance and healing.

In a sense the Squirrel will create opportunity for you to align to heal holistically, that awakening your perception to work with what you have, be present in the moment and to trust your instincts will evolve the path that takes you on a journey of personal growth and mind, body and soul healing and health. You will through this, if you choose to embrace it, connect to a deeper sense of compassion, appreciation and gratitude for all the world provides you, the basics that so many take for granted will suddenly seem like gifts of gold that have the greatest value ever!

There is also another side to the Squirrel ... this is the releasing of fear and overwhelm that holds you back, gradually as you feel and connect to your own presence and the place you belong you will take steps to open to personal power and sense of truth that aligns to a quest to succeed. In this I mean in your journey that aligns to your authenticity and truth that is not controlled or oppressed by fear, judgement or angst aligned to overwhelm. The sensory system and processes balance as healing comes forth and you will find you start to laugh more, to enjoy life more, to find a rapport with your own self and be perfectly ok with that!

Oh! what a place to be in!

In short, recapping the Squirrel and benefits of connecting to this energy:

  • Helps to open perception of how all that is in your world interconnects

  • Creates pathways for ideas and connection to resourcefulness

  • Helps release fear and overwhelm

  • Connects to stronger sense of self and knowing on managing balance in life

  • Aligns your thoughts to appreciation and gratitude which helps with manifesting good things in life!

Take some time, as often as you can to be in the presence of the Squirrel spirit, call on him and allow him to just show you the way to where life just flows easier.

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