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Spirit Animal - Stag

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Stag spirit animal
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The Stag, a magnificent animal to present in your life be that on the earthly plane or the spirit realm. He offers a sense of power and stability that is commanding of being noticed and draws that feeling of awe and inspiration in doing so.

When the Stag comes to you in spirit he is aligned through your root chakra, this being where your base needs and ability to ground form and connects up through your higher chakras, this being where you connect to the higher realms and knowing. What this means for you is that it is taking you and your truth at its rawest level and helping to guide you into your higher purpose, creating a portal of light for you to awaken to new realities through.

This path to walk is profound for your essence and truth of who you know yourself to be remain deeply rooted in the present but it evolves it through the element of fire to awaken purpose, potential, vision and a collection of truths that may have been 'forgotten' through lifetimes of reincarnation. To reawaken to this is a gift, is a path that opens to inner and higher wisdom that is without ego , you can confidently walk it with the Stag by your side knowing you are guided and protected in the truth you are opening to here.

In short, recapping the Stag

  • Opens a portal of light, a bridge, for you to confidently step into higher knowing

  • Protects you as you open to a deeper wisdom

  • Creates stability and security as you 'enlighten' to your truth

  • Awakens purpose, potential and in turn positive direction

May the Stag bless you with his presence, remember you can also work through intention to call on the Stag when and as you feel ready to walk this path. Be the creator of your own reality, be forthcoming and assertive to make that happen in any way you feel you can!

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