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Spirit Animal - Turtle

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Spirit animal - turtle
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The spirit of the Turtle is timeless and connects to you predominantly through the element of water but there are also associations and connection strongly to earth and air creating a flow of positive influences that can really help you shift your perceptions and alignment to what has been, what is presently and what can be in the future aligned to what you desire and manifest.

When you are visited by or work with the spirit of the Turtle there is a huge potential to expand your consciousness and transform yourself ... kind of like 'upgrade' who you are. It is a cleansing on so many different levels of mind body and soul that will come when you are ready for this, the sea turtle can potentially help create the opportunity and show you the path through signs and symbolism, through dreams and emotions to connect to knowing what needs resolving and where to step forth next. It is a powerful energy here that truly aligns you to transformation.

It is important to note when working in this context not to get 'lost' and discouraged for when you are shown emotionally what is blocking you from moving forward it connects to you in a way that you live it. So if it is depression, anger, anxiety etc, these low vibration emotions coming forth are really difficult to think through BUT if you take time to step into a 3rd person perspective then it will help you see that you are being guided to what you need to resolve, to find the source of in your karmic or present history. All that you experience and all that you are with self, with others is a clue and the spirit of the sea turtle is going to help you release those destructive and limiting emotions and behaviours by showing them to you and at the same time the path to move forward from them. Each point of resolution creates another step toward transformation and expansion of understanding, of consciousness, of connection to oneness.

The spirit of the Sea Turtle can also help you to create better balance in life, a knowing of when to slow down and when to really turn things up. Focus and motivation evolve and resonate deeply more and more as you step into this journey of release, healing and self-awareness. It is incredible to experience and like all journeys it may just go unnoticed if you do not journal your way from beginning to end for the shift and change comes with its own ups and downs but persistence is key and the shift is very subtle but over time it is also profound.

Recapping the energy of the Sea Turtle

  • Creates amazing alignment to heal on a deep emotional level

  • Over time can open perception of own truth

  • Opens the path to you for transformation

  • Aligns to balance and awareness to better succeed

So, if you are ready, just in meditation, through intention request the presence of the Sea Turtle, be ready for this is quite a journey through the emotional rollercoaster to find your authenticity and truth where you simply see, understand and 'know' more intuitively. You will over time transform and connect to the life you truly want to live.

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