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Spirit Animal - Wallaby

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

The spirit of the Wallaby resonates with the earth and fire elements and helps, through healing the physical processes, to connect you to a sense of purpose of who you are and where you want to be. It is a deeper alignment awakening through this energy to personal power and in turn standing your ground, knowing what battles to fight and what to walk away from.

The Wallaby may appear as this cute little animal but the treasures it holds within are surely something to be recognised. It is a nurturing spirit that helps you recognise and open to your inner child, this part of yourself that carries the weight of all you are and all you have ever been. When the Wallaby spirit is present you can expect healing to come forth for this part of yourself, it is this healing, awakening and balancing through here that helps you to realise your own personal power and strength.

Through healing you will receive guidance to let go of the resistant karma, the triggers and suppression, you will learn to let go of the walls you have put up and find a resilience in mind, body and soul that opens you to a clearer, more authentic alignment to life. This resilience is not about being 'tougher' but rather about coping mechanisms. Processing and problem solving the situations and energy around you to work smarter and not harder for what you want to achieve. There becomes a growing fluidity in life that can only be described as divine alignment. Higher knowing blessing you through the spirit of the Wallaby helping you heal and step into your truth.

The spirit of the Wallaby blesses your energy with endurance, with being able to prioritise to recognise the value in what is around you, where to put your energy and what to leave behind. You find this prioritization aligns you to a path of achieving for you no longer put up with dead weight, carrying everyone's problems as your own, being walked over or feeling just lost and restless for lack of knowing how to help self. You step into smart assertive action, balanced life and stability in every day. You become. This alignment of self and nurturing what you need is invaluable in being the best you can be with the people around you and in the environment you live.

In short, recapping the spirit of the Wallaby

  • Opens to heal the physical body and in turn connects to a sense of purpose

  • Awakens and aligns through inner child healing

  • Helps with shadow work to release the toxic energy blocking the resonance with life

  • Creates a path of vision, purpose and the ability to take the action needed to get there

  • Connects to positive sense of self

So wonderful, embrace the spirit of the Wallaby, know that when you have it visit or you call on it to work with you that you consciously can expect a shift in the way things are done, the way you think, feel and connect to yourself and in turn life. It is like an authentic upgrade of who you are as you exist more and more fully every day.

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