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Spirit Animal - White Buffalo

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

White Buffalo spirit animal
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An animal of myth and magic, when the Spirit of the White Buffalo connects with you there are going to be some deeply inspired changes come forth in you and the life you live.

The spirit of the White Buffalo connects with you through your higher chakras and opens to releasing enslavement that may have been blocking your ability to connect with oneness, with opening 3rd eye and channelling through the crown and higher self for intuitive knowing and ability to work in your own highest good.

When you are resonating with the White Buffalo you will find a distinct sense of peace and well-being, the days will feel full of wonder and your vibration will naturally rise as you feel such appreciation and gratitude for all you are and the path you walk. Thoughts will be clearer, imagination will be on full throttle and it truly will seem that all you touch turns to gold as you step into each day with an open heart and excitement of what it is going to bring forth.

Spontaneous change and shift around you is something you should expect with the White Buffalo as your sense of passion and purpose step into top gear, decision making will not be difficult for the divine guidance is so profound. Your knowing of exactly what you need to do and how to make that happen is evolving rapidly. Focus, clarity and a positive sense of assurance that you can do no wrong. This really is a profound and blessed presence to have around you!

With the White Buffalo in your energetic presence you will feel wise, people will naturally look to you for guidance. You will have the ability to go the distance, face any challenge AND succeed. Your ability to understand, know and interpret what is happening in the physical world aligned to your own spiritual presence comes together in a more open and authentic way. It is an equality of mind body and soul as you awaken to a part of yourself that, you have possibly, never realised existed before.

In short, recapping the spirit of the White Buffalo

  • A connection to higher knowing, intuitive thought and expanding consciousness

  • Mind body and soul alignment, seeing and understanding more

  • Making things happen, good fortune manifests in all ways

  • Feeling much joy, love, appreciation and gratitude for life

  • Connecting with the magic of the world, discovering parts of self for the first time

  • Aligned to positive aspiration, sense of purpose and achieving

A rare animal to bless ones presence, but when it is close by you will know. Undoubtedly there is a connection to that 'something more' in life. Embrace it, work with it fully for this means the time for you is NOW and life will step into top gear on all levels.

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