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Moth Spirit Animal


The Moth spirit animal has an energy that is elemental on all levels, the air, earth, fire and water. The moth is a consciousness that brings deep connection to life. It is born and lives in a state of constant change and evolution and when the moth visits you, you can expect the same. It is a transitioning and ongoing shift that attracts light, love purity and higher purpose.

The spirit of the Moth resonates deeply with the ability to show you the way forward. It helps to break through the emotional blocks holding you hostage, to recognise these by bringing forth an epiphany style thought process of the ground that needs to be transcended to break free. This is a letting go of the sad embrace that your soul has been enslaved to through karma and a stepping into a perception and energy of expansion. This personal emotional growth will create a ripple effect that then brings the mental self into greater awareness, this leads to assertive transition for physical change and through this, the whole time, a deeper sense of passion and purpose for life.

Your personal transformation may, on the outside, look dull, seem uninspiring and project loss, but this truly is just an illusion. What is actually happening is the letting go of so many past imprints and ancestral blocks that you are literally clearing the 'muck' and making way to lighting the way forward. You can expect this change to take place over time, it is not a magic trick, it is a permanent invitation into your souls journey of growth. This is what makes it so profound. The moth is a powerful ally and is generally understated and even sometimes feared for the shift it can create within and around you.


You can expect over time that your ability to manifest is greatly enhanced. There will be a magnetic type energy and light around you continuing to evolve. You will also develop a lot of your personal divine and psychic abilities for these are part of your truth at a soul level. The reconnection of who you are is truly inspiring, and the spirit of the Moth, all the time, there supporting and guiding you into that light!

In short, the spirit of the Moth

  • Moves you into transformation in all areas of your life

  • Activates healing codes that bring forth the thoughts needed to create shift

  • Creates a time line shift that your soul can choose to evolve through

  • Empowers you in a way that is timeless in reconnecting you back to your inner truth

  • Creates and connects to the awareness of who you are, and how to live authentically as that person in life

  • Heals not just you, but also through the ancestral line

  • Is a cyclic transition of your timeline releasing what is no longer needed so you can start living your best life

Remember, you don't have to wait for the Moth to show up in spirit for you. Assertively, when you are ready, ask for the help!

Those that ask and dare to believe in that something deep within their soul, even when it is not fully clear yet, are the ones that will find that miracles exist in the most remarkable and unexpected places.

Invite the spirit animals into your life so you may be guided into the pathways that continue to awaken and manifest opportunity and abundance. The animals are ready to run free with you and share their wisdom through the Messenger Animals Oracle Deck. Purchase yours today!

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