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Aging & Illness

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Why do we age?

What is 'getting old'?

And more importantly, why does everyone just accept that it is a part of life?

I want to look at breaking down the facts, as we look at life through the window of energy.

The body is a combination of many layers of consciousness that flow in synchronicity within a 'template' structure that you are born into. I often refer to this as the DNA holographic field of potential. It is essentially the ideal and most optimal form connecting through mind, body and soul. Yep, the link of mind body and soul is a real thing.

But I digress.

Aging, and what this looks like through the energetic field.

This template that I speak of, it is timeless. It holds the wisdom and information of all those that are a part of your genetic line, as well as your personal evolution (karma). So what humanity so freely then accepts as aging, is in fact, a dysfunction of the blueprint. When you live life, karma that has not been resolved is triggered through situations, through frequencies (everything in life holds a frequency) that form a response. This is often information that is activating due to the restructuring of the divine template that has happened through those ancestral and evolutionary experiences.

So, when your karma, or your ancestral karma, has not been resolved then the wounded energy dictates those triggering frequencies. This feels, in energetic terms, like a muddy river flowing over rocks - like rapids - with many dangers to avoid. Those dangers present as mental, psychic & emotional blocks, illness, disease, bad luck, accident, and ultimately, aging.

The good news is that the blueprint template can be repaired.

It is a curious thing when one finds their divine calling, and assertively steps into it. That is what I did when my soul journeyed a healing path out of fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue, and through that realised that I can see, understand and correct these underlying evolutionary experiences to help the mind, body and soul realign into the optimal frequency and blueprint. This means, in short, that you turn back the clock on aging BECAUSE you are giving your mind body and soul the tools it needs to communicate through the pathways without the dangers of the consciousness river rapids. It brings fluency into where there previously was none.

Energy healing is a miracle that is a gift. Through seeing, experiencing and expanding into understanding as I personally continued to push to heal out of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, I have literally experienced how the body can transform and heal itself when it is given the opportunity to do so.

  • My hands and skin in general, when I was in my 30's, looked like they were those of a 60 year old ... NOW I believe they look like those of a 35 - 40 year old (I am 50 at the moment!).

  • My face lost the energy that radiates the stress and pain, it healed and now casts an energy of lightness that radiates good health and well-being.

  • My body went from physically, mentally and emotionally being at a constant point of 'nothing left to give', to now experiencing mind body soul freedom, being active, living and loving life, alert, focused, running my own psychic energy business!

  • My digestion went from massively reactive and intolerant to 80% of foods, to now eating freely and mindfully choosing to maintain positive diet routines.

  • And there is so much more that I have experienced.

Aging does not have to be accepted, it is a clue that your body is overwhelmed and when you listen to your body, then you have the path to overcome and heal anything. Aging and the body breaking down prematurely is a sign that it is time to assertively help it let go of the 'dense' energy creating the dysfunction in the blueprint of you.


Why is aging normal?

  • Maybe it isn't, maybe it is just a persons energy system is so clogged with karma, ancestral wounds, chemicals and heavy energy that it has no choice but to deteriorate.

Why is illness, and owning that illness normal?

  • For example: 'My' headache, 'My' backpain, 'My' arthritis.

  • Maybe it isn't normal, maybe it is the body giving you clues to what it is intolerant to, what it is karmically holding onto, and where it is needing correction of the energetic to physical body to come forth.

Why is accepting less in life normal?

  • Maybe it isn't, maybe this is just generational patterns and society teachings that have closed the mind to the full potential it actually holds.

It is for those people that are ready to rip off the blinkers, to open their eyes to see fully, that I aspire to connect with. I have created a plethora of chart sets, healing tools and sessions on this journey of taking off my own blindfold. I want to help you do the same!

So, moving forward:

  • What do you need?

  • How can I help?

  • What will inspire you to step into your soul journey and heal?

It starts with booking a low cost consult. Tell me what you need, and what you want your life to look, or feel like, and I do a reading of your energy and then email you that reading, plus my thoughts for step by step moving forward to where you want to be.

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  • BLOGS to guide you to what you need, knowledge is power that opens awareness to change what you do to 'upgrade' into a better version of you.

    • Learn about the energy of crystals, trees, frequency, pendulums and more

  • Where to purchase crystals, incense, oils, singing bowls & other spiritual goods online

    • THE PSYCHIC TREE - external link

  • Resources to ANAHATA for courses & masterclasses on healing and personal empowerment AND 'how to start your own heart based business' coaching courses.

    • Particularly - check out ALCHEMICAL.ACADEMY for FREE content, courses, and opportunities to heal - all resources in one convenient place.

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