Are you a Child of the Blue-Ray?

Children of the Blue-Ray earn their name from travelling the ultra-violet light to be here in this physical plain in this lifetime. They are a first incarnation that must endure a disability before awakening around the age of 35 years.

They are sensitive, loving and troubled souls. They accept this path for the opportunity to help humanity grow and enlighten. Due to their disability they often struggle and remain un-noticed, tormented internally, unable to express the beauty and knowledge/wisdom they possess. When they awaken they do so with a bang, quickly grasping the skills and embracing the path they committed themselves to before incarnating in this physical plain.

Being told they are children of the Blue-Ray prematurely will not necessarily speed up their awakening. Until they have learnt life's lesson put before them they cannot move forward to the next stage.

To work with a child of the Blue-Ray use divination that resonates with them, may that be oracle, runes, tea leaves, numerology or one of the many other forms of divination. Do not discard the signs they see in things, the sixth sense they have toward people, places and circumstances. These latent gifts are still considerable and must be acknowledged for these children to truly prosper.

It is not an easy road to raise a Blue-Ray but neglect of who they are will leave them feeling lost, alone and out of place in this world.

Embrace these beautiful souls, nurture, learn and grow with them whether they be children or adults. Their purpose, as is that of all the Universal Children and what they will bring to the world when they fully awaken is an understanding and healing that few others can relate to.

They are a gift to humanity, they are a sixth-sense waiting to happen. They are the epitome of appreciation when their gifts unfold before them.

If you believe you have a child that is special, or you yourself resonate with the Blue-Ray then message me, allow me to help you embrace the gift and step into your true potential!

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