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Why do I have faith?

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I have been sitting here this afternoon just reflecting with thoughts that may help others:

Lets talk about faith, about taking that leap of faith where beyond all else no matter how crazy, bizarre or left of center what you know intuitively, feel innately and connect to that perhaps nobody else does is what you work with. It is beyond reasonable explanation or logical understanding, it is something that is unique for everyone and yet within that universal consciousness that connects us all.

So, looking back through my life .... seriously, at the time when I took this 'leap of faith' I could not remember a moment where I hadn't been in some sort of physical and/or emotional pain, I believed I was nothing, I had nothing left, it had culminated in that time before this awakening to a point where I was running at about 10% capacity. No joke there ... if you have read through the previous weeks posts you will have some understanding of where I was prior to 'awakening'.

I didn't have a life ... just an existence. I felt I tried and tried so hard all the time and yet despite every decision and choice I made it just bought me down further.

Thank goodness for my children, the source of my hope, joy, optimistic outlook and reason to get up every day ... they truly are a gift and my saving grace in so many ways.

It is a curious thing, now that I reflect, every logical choice I ever made led me to darkness, toxic people and more pain, fatigue and loss.

How is that possible that one can live their life working with the intention to be more, to heal, to try harder, to eat correctly, to treat others how they would like to be treated, to be optimistic and believe in the better and yet still be confronted through 'logical and well thought out' decisions to non-beneficial results?

It is a perplexing thing ....

Well, after living literally a lifetime like this I made a decision one day that I was never going to be that way again. Just like that, I decided I was no longer the victim to that reality!

From that second on EVERY single thing I was shown or guided to do I actually did, that guidance came through people, text and intuition, through reading signs, interpreting dreams and putting the puzzle together to understand. However it came forth I listened.

I am sure people thought I was crazy, my family, friends, even me some days! .... but I needed to save myself because no-one else could at that time, I knew there was more, I knew this was not how life was meant to be.

That is why I have faith, unwavering belief in the love and the light - whatever you want to give form or shape to that term - that is the basis for healing me ... love and light. From that definitive moment of that decision I took sometimes only the TINIEST step forward (whatever my cognitive clarity, energy and pain levels could cope with on that day) BUT I continued to step forward, and look and listen and put the pieces together. It got me to where I am now. No pain, no fatigue, living life with incredible clarity, purpose, passion, appreciation, gratitude and vision.

ANYONE can do this, from my experience there are those that WANT it but that is ALL (where I was prior to my decision), then there are those that know it is the only way and will do EVERYTHING in their power to make it happen, no other option, nothing is too hard, no excuses (where I got to when I made the decision) ... it is just what needs to be done to find yourself, your own truth and purpose again.

Consider on your journey, where are you? Point one or point two?

I believe to truly succeed you need to have got to point two ... it is a shift in the mind-set, the attitude associated that embraces the faith and the ability to connect to the healing that needs to come forth.

Below are some suggestions to connecting to better energy flow for mind, body and soul healing. Work with and where you feel drawn to manifest and connect to the place you want to be.

The ability to let go of logic and allow your intuitive knowing to flourish is a blessed thing ... I encourage all to work with embracing this skill. It can take time to learn to 'let go' and settle the thoughts and mind but like any skill, once it is learnt you will benefit deeply from it.

  1. Working with intention setting through meditation and inviting your team in spirit of love and light working in your highest good to help you release and heal

  2. Working with feng shui principles for positive energy flow in your environment

  3. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are brilliant for opening energy flow through your energy centres

  4. Writing, drawing, creating - let it all go and let it flow!

  5. Being outdoors, grounding your energy, finding balance in life

  6. Positive thought, speech, attitude, emotions - embrace it, it really makes a difference!

  7. Burn sage, using crystals, diffusing oils, working with grids and purposeful intention

  8. Frequencies and tones are amazing for releasing and healing, use headphones!

  9. Reading inspirational material - find something you resonate with and lose yourself in it

  10. Meditating in a hot salt bath or foot soak helps release toxicity from mind, body and soul also, alternatively, swimming or walking in the ocean is also amazing if you are lucky to have one close by

  11. Cleanse your jewellery, crystals, space around you so it is not carrying negative energy and blocks

Conscious and mindful living, understanding what you need and when you need it, prioritising for you in-between life, love, work and all your wants and desires that have manifested around you to create the lifestyle you live now.

Be inspired, be limitless and most importantly have faith ... be true to what you know and feel to be right even when not a soul around you has a single clue. It is OK to believe in miracles ... I look at my own life from where I have come to where I am now and have no doubt, not a single one, that I am living proof of miracles being real.

Love and light to all x

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