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Who are the Universal Children?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Universal Children

I have noticed how a lot of people refer to these Universal Children as 'Starseeds' but this is in fact confusing for it is a soul category separate to the others, I fondly think of us all as 'cosmic kids'!

There are 5 different categories of Cosmic Kids, all with a unique purpose on this planet.

1. Starseed Children

Open to their gift in the first few months of life. They are extremely intuitive and feel so much of what is going on around them leaving them at times overwhelmed and struggling to cope. This can create an environment that leaves them uncomfortable and unsettled. As parents it is difficult to know what to do and how to help unless you know and comprehend the gift your child is opening too. All Starseed children have blue eyes and a falcon power animal by their side.

The life purpose of a Starseed child is to help others. Their amazing empathy lends them to incredible insight and understanding of situations, themselves and other people.

2. Indigo Children

Are born with their gift. They have an ability to communicate with their Guides and Angels from the beginning. Around 60% of these children will block this gift due to not understanding what is going on, usually around 2 years old. They will then begin to reawaken around the age of 30, this is like a catalyst in their DNA that will initiate this process. Despite blocking the gift they do continue to have a psychic connection with the spirit realm. All Indigo children potentially have indigo coloured eyes (though through genetic breeding, diet and toxic influences in life this may not show through) and a dolphin power animal by their side.

The life purpose of Indigo children is to share love, compassion and use their profound psychic connection to help people.

3. Crystal Children

Come to realization of their gift around the age of 13-18 years old. Before this time these children will suffer physical or emotional trauma. The awakening in itself can lead to confusion and isolation as they do not understand fully what is going on. Once these children fully step into and accept their gift they find themselves filled with joy. Life is blessed for these children when they accept their true path in life, they have amazing connection to the creative arts and expression, light and love often radiate through this in whatever form they embrace it.

The life purpose of Crystal Children is to heal the world with joy, laughter and share a freedom of soul that few possess.

4. Children of the Blue-ray

Have difficult lives and will awaken to their gift usually around their mid 30's. The trials they go through, whether that be physical, mental or emotional will lead them to an understanding that helps them to relate and empathize with others in a similar situation. As they awaken to their gift they heal and as such they also step into a role of healing others as they appreciate the wellness they now feel. All Blue-ray's have a hawk power animal.

The life purpose of a Child of the Blue-ray is to resonate and understand people, they have the most remarkable healing abilities when they step fully into their gift.

5. Rainbow Children

Will deal with many life trials. Before they unlock their gift they must suffer and endure considerably to learn and understand what is needed to fulfil their destiny. Despite the trials they deal with they remain upbeat and positive whenever the opportunity presents. They have many positive traits and when they step into their gift in their early 40's they will then shine. They develop very quickly into their gift, mastering it and become powerful healers, this combined with their natural empathy and generosity is what allows them to achieve their life purpose. They are a perfectionist by nature, natural mentors, intuitive and love nature.

The life purpose of a Rainbow Child is to recognise and help other Universal children to find their feet, to grow into their potential.

It is important to note that what is written here is a generalization of the soul groups, naturally there is SO much more to learn, this is simply a guide. When it comes to colour of eyes and the alignment to what is written keep in mind that through many different influences through generations, also diet and lifestyle can in fact create a 'false' illusion of your truth (for want of a better way to put it).

If you would like more information and feel you personally are or you are raising one of these beautiful souls and would like help to understand better please connect with me. This low cost consult outlines LOTS of different information, please follow the link by clicking on the picture below.

If you are on facebook and would like to connect to like minded souls please follow this link:

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