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A message for parents of Blue-ray Children.

So I received this message this morning and need to share with all you parents out there that only want the very best for your blue-ray children ...


They are all around us. We feel compelled to shelter them but it is life's trials that gives them the tools to step into their gift. If they do not live these trials their gift will simply NOT fully awaken. It will remain latent. It is the Divines purpose in this

sense that you need to be cruel to be kind. hey need the knowledge of struggle and hardship to find that place inside of them of absolute strength and character and of unwavering determination to be more. Without this knowledge they will not achieve their life's purpose.

Support, guide but DO NOT over shelter these children. Remember, their souls CHOSE this path and one day when they 100% step into their gift they will remember and be thankful for this life of trials that has taught them the skills needed to better help humanity.

As parents we do not want to see our children suffer but what is to be learnt for them to ultimately ascend will only come in this form. So watch, support but let these children stumble, fall and pick themselves up. Be the guide but not the over bearing care giver that does not let them experience. This is harming humanity, they do have what it takes and one day they will thank you for it.


I think sometimes there is a fine line between helping and being over-bearing in the efforts to not have our children experience what we have in life. This is all in the greater plan though, please take heed of what the Angels are telling us and if you have any questions, thoughts, concerns or need clarification on something then contact me directly x

Blueray children

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