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Be Still

be still

How many of you walk through life feeling grounded, safe and secure in your own self? Resonating in your own space confidently enough to be you?

It's a reasonable question really. I think when I look out at the world I feel like there is a lot of turmoil, a lot of discontent. People generally seem to need something else to make them happy and to feel OK about themselves. I see people attaching to superficial stuff and placing so much importance on it all instead of focusing and seeing why they are really feeling the way the do.

What would happen if you took a step back and assessed your life? Stop fighting that natural urge to 'have' to or I 'should' be and then back lashing and finding the satisfaction you need in your day by then overspending on stuff, or being with that person for personal gratification rather than being with them because that is where home feels like.

Does this make sense?

Life isn't meant to be difficult, we do have a path to follow but when we lose our center we cannot see the path we are on clearly to make good decisions for ourselves. We start to radiate in negative emotions and destructive behaviors which just lead us further from our true purpose. It is difficult in this state to manifest the inspiration you need to step forth into a better place. Instead we float through longer than we actually need to until miraculously life changes for us. Without being aware of it though this can leave you stuck in a rut for many years.

When change does happen I think most people just roll with it without questioning why or how. It is reasonable to want to do this as well, lets be honest here, when you get a lucky streak come your way you do not generally question it!! How do you bring this forth for yourself though? How do things start turning around for you to get to that point? I think often people will start doing something and not realise the full weight of that tiny step forward that they have made.

It usually starts when we get to a point that we can no longer function at that level. We have so much clutter, and I don't just mean this in a physical sense but also in an emotional sense, that we have no other option except to start clearing. We open ourselves to the possibility that perhaps if we processed and released these emotions, or got ourselves out of that situation .... what I am saying is we are put in a corner and FORCED to pretty much analyse and assess all we are and all we do to find a way to be OK again.

This is, to say the least, a very enlightening experience. To allow yourself to release all that you have collected over the years. It is a matter of brutally analyzing what is truly serving you well and what isn't ... then just letting go. Easy right? LOL ... I know, not so easy but it is achievable and once you start walking that path it continues to unfold and open you to more and more opportunities and good fortune that previously had not presented itself to you. It is like magic!


In this process of clearing and cleansing all that is around you and all that you are you find something else happens to. You as a person starts to evolve. You find that you are relying less and less on outside influences and people to make you happy and rather finding this place internally. You feel connected to your own self and as such you start to grow as a person into your own confidence, feeling safe, secure and sure of yourself on a level that previously you have not experienced.

When you have reached this point it is like you have earned the right to success, lets face it, what you have been through is huge right! Not only have you lived and hit rock bottom, now you have found a way to pull yourself out of that and start to step to your own beat to succeed. I love this! Now, in this new found confidence you are sure to succeed. You have actually lived and earned the wisdom that you now have and deserve every bit of what unfolds next. You can step forth knowing that the 'mistakes' you have made in the past will not be repeated because you HAVE learned and now that you are confident and secure and grounded within yourself you are able to see when there are traps in the road, dips that you should avoid and pot holes that you are definitely NOT going to get stuck in.

Walk forward from this point knowing how to better help yourself in every situation. That inner confidence glowing from you as you are stepping into the person you were meant to be. It is beautiful to say the least. Embrace when you get here and enjoy it for all it is. Be quietly confident in knowing the journey you have been on is individual to you, it has taught you what you need to know to help you become the best possible version of you possible.

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