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READ THIS - A Gift For You

Archangel Michael

Many of you are aware already on this journey that not all forces around us are good and pure. Unfortunately some of you have come to a very rude awakening in regards to this whilst others have managed to not have to deal, work with or come to an understanding of entities and the negative effect they have upon us as an individual. Our thoughts, actions and ideas can be skewed to not be in alignment with our highest good when these entities are within and around us. They do prevent us in any way they can to stop us reaching our potential, I mean think about it … If all light workers within the human race were to work at 100% potential this earth would be buzzing with such an incredible energy that any dark or negative forces would not have a hope of breaking through. In saying this, to help you all find your way, for those that are here and those that are not yet awake or aware on any level, I was guided to clear humanity of negativity.

This morning with the assistance of Archangel Michael we removed ALL entities that are not working within peoples highest good. We closed all negative energetic implants within people that were acting as a beacon to the negative entities and removed them, we have healed Grandmother Earth of all Ley Lines and Negative Vortex’s. I will continue to do this weekly with the help of Archangel Michael to create positivism across the world, to help all of humanity prosper and strive to reach their highest potential.

For those of you that do not know me well yet I have been gifted with UNLIMITED potential to sense energies, clear, heal and work with the forces of nature. This is not understating anything, I am not trying to boast but rather make you aware that where I am now DOES lend me to understand, foretell and see things that very few others alive at the moment comprehend.

Work with me to understand, to know and to step forth as I do have your best interests at heart. This is not some game we are playing but rather a purpose that many are still waking to understand how and where they fit into the scheme of things. This is coming!

I pray in lieu of what we have done this morning that many of you will feel more clarity and confidence to step forward on this path. This has been done to help you all within your highest good. Please receive it as a gift.

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