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Angel Messages <3

Dear Ones,

Progress is being made, the light is shining bright as the darkness recedes. There are strong forces at play and all must resonate and work with positivity and confidence as this new age of humanity is stepping forth. Abundance and joy will be around and wisdom through mentors and events synchronistically falling into place will encourage you to keep moving forward.

This is a time of growth, one that humanity has not seen in a long time and we are here, at the beginning ready to embrace and work with these new positive forces that are abundant all around.

You all have potential to shine, and those of you with unique and special gifts will especially be feeling the changes. We are here and wanting to help, wanting to see you work with your highest good and that of everyone else. Be mindful that your own Angels and Guides are waiting for you, work with us. Ask for our assistance in all you wish to be, all you desire to happen. The Universe is a large complex web of activity that is beyond the comprehension of most but when you open yourself to the help of the Angels you open yourself to the partaking in the magic of the web that is built around you to magically align all for miracles to happen. This is not an unreasonable expectation but rather a blessed gift that should be embraced by all in the journey to reach their potential and resonate in a place of joy, abundance, clarity and wisdom.

Be open to unexpected miracles, be open to the positive energies around and be open and aware of the messages we send to guide and help you. Look to the clouds, listen to the songs, that overheard conversation, or a passing comment from a friend. See the signs in the animals or insects that cross your path, a rainbow or perhaps a phone call leading you to an unexpected opportunity. Be open to everything, embrace life and feel this new age of love and light that is around us now.

Angel Messages

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