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Love and Encouragement

Dear Ones,

We see many of you stepping forward and embracing your gifts and yet feel many of you are still very hesitant to believe, to see the validity of what it is within you. For those of you blessed with potential to shine in line with the angelic realm you need to know that ultimately this is a course that you personally chose. Before time existed you chose this path to better help humanity. There are trials, confusion and feelings of being judged and not fitting in along this road you chose but when you release these feelings to us, let us help you process and work with them you discover that person you always wanted to be. You will never feel whole completely until you decide to take that step.

When you allow yourself to fully be embraced by what we can do for you, when you ask for our help, discover in that moment how it is not a road traveled at a the slow pace of a porcupine meandering but rather we lift you and you will fly. literally take off and it will be a very fast awakening into a potential that many of you have not yet realised or are only touching the very edges of.

Work together, Share your stories among each other to help, to aspire to be more. Every soul on this earth is valuable, you all have your purpose and you all resonate with a gift to shine and be more if you aspire to be so. We urge you not to sit back and just accept a second best reality but instead face the fears, release the negativity and shine in brilliance that will not just completely change your life but the lives of all those that you come in touch with around you.

Ask us for help. Talk to us daily. Be grateful for all that comes your way. Smile more, frown less. Look for the signs we leave you - shapes in the clouds, recurring numbers, a feather, a song or conversation synchronistically happening at that moment you happened to be thinking or needing to hear something. We are your willing servants, heaven sent to assist you.

Angel Message

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