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Find Truth in Knowledge

There is Powerful Knowledge in Truth

Have you ever considered how the truth we feel evades us at times. I remember all the times in the past as I worked my way through life how the truth is blindingly obvious and yet I could not see it. There was a veil, lies and misconceptions that prevented me from connecting to my own truth and the authenticity, the change that the truth could bring forth in my life. I have also noticed how many people shy away from wanting to know the truth in fear of what it will mean.

The fact is that without it we cannot fully progress and step into our own strength.

The realisation of something perhaps awful that has happened in this life or your soul history can very much rock you to the core but it is like breaking into a huge drug gang and eliminating them so the world can be a better place afterward. When you take that time to let the light in, fight your demons and then find resolution you open yourself to more. You find inner stability and strength that opens you to new pathways and opportunity by allowing the stagnant energy (if you can imagine that) to be released. The magical streams of golden white light abundance begin making an impact in your life and moving you forward to where you are meant to be. Trauma does NOT feel good but it does serve a purpose. Recognizing what that is is definitely beneficial.

So in consideration of this where does that leave one? How do we do this when sometimes the issues are so massive it feels like a mountain of rock to work through, it is just too overwhelming, hence leaving you to lock it away and not deal with it. The best way, realistically is one step at a time. It does not matter how small that step is as long as it is taken. Look at that mountain of rock, shift a pebble, if that is all you can manage on that day then that is enough, but it is forward progress and you need to be thankful and appreciate the effort you made to make that happen. Criticism and disapproval of self have no place in this journey, let them go.

Assess your relationships, see what is non-beneficial and toxic, see what is beneficial and feels right, it does not matter how long you have been friends, you know something good when you experience it. Start to create balance, another step forward, by being with these people that lift you and help you feel safe. This will bring you to a more positive mindset that has the roll on effect of allowing you to process the trauma and past experiences easier. It is not necessary to even discuss the issues with another if it does not feel right, the important thing is that you are moving yourself into beneficial mindsets, friendships and situations promoting feelings and emotions of safety, security and trust in self.

The time will come where you are ready to move that mountain, to process the truth completely and move through it. You will resolve, when you are ready, all that has passed and this will awaken you to more. More personal power, more determination for ones self, more acceptance for the person you are today and more appreciation to the universe for showing you the way to something more.

It all starts with one step, a commitment to knowing and understanding the truth in what can be fearful, mentally exhausting, cruel, doubtful, tumultuous and leave you with so much self-doubt that you continually self-sabotage. There is no time frame on any of this, it is when you are ready to move forward and step into your own truth and strength, when you are ready to be empowered by your life rather than be bought down by it. Take a deep breath, you are enough, tell yourself this, multiple times daily if need be!


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