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Spirit Animal - Emperor Penguin

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Spirit Animal - Emperor Penguin
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This little fella came sliding into my life (seeing in my minds eye him skimming along the ice with his wings out either side at super speed!) this week, the latest of the cards being drawn for the upcoming Messenger Animal Deck.

When the Emperor Penguin comes into your life as a spirit guide of some sort there comes a message of connection to Grandmother Earth, to the energy and power and presence that comes from grounding and letting go, to feel and resonate in a limitless perception of space and time and to dare to dream outside of what you close yourself off to, what society dictates and aligns your thinking to.

He is associated and fully connected through the community but also has incredible skills for independence, can hold his own and manifest the change he desires and knows. Routine is optimal so if you are feeling scattered the Emperor Penguin will help, through grounding and routine, align you back to focus and clarity, to purpose and motivation to get the job done in whatever context that aligns for you.

The Emperor Penguin does not give in, he will help install feelings of hope, of alignment to a higher truth and make the impossible suddenly seem possible, he will open you to find a path that aligns to what you want and to work with the motivation and endurance to see it come forth. He will help you let go of doubt and insecurity, this being completely grounded and focused opening you to pathways of confidence and surety that perhaps you have not previously connected with.

He will help you understand how as much as your individual strength is important, the connection to community for support, well-being and positive progress is undeniably needed at this time also. To be successful, to open to your path that is of your highest potential this is a must!

The Emperor Penguin reminds us to see past the obvious, to not get caught up on looks and sameness, that what lies beyond this is so much more important and where your truth and ability to evolve with self and others really aligns. Don't take everything at face value, be open to understand and know beyond initial impressions.

Recapping in short for the Emperor Penguin and his/her presence with you:

  • Opens you to recognize your personal strengths

  • Aligns to open perception and expand on ideas and thoughts

  • Reminds you to see beyond what initially presents to you

  • Helps to ground your energies to help release disharmony and scattered thoughts

  • Brings understanding of personal strength, ability to connect to motivation and endurance with projects, goals and life

  • Helps align to network with wider support through people that connect to your vision and energy

So, dare to dream and live large, this little fella has got you covered. Remember, you can invite him into your life as well where and as you feel the need to help you open to connect to all you want to achieve, to help you find the path and truth that is so deeply you.

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