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10 ways to Detoxify your Life

Updated: May 14, 2021

detox your life

Have you ever thought about detoxing and it is like you know that it sounds good and everyone says you should but then you are wondering if it is what you really need?

Hopefully today I can help to shed some light around different areas and ways to detox. In life it is not just about the physical body, not just about the mental or energetic body, it is when you understand what mind, body and soul truly means that you can work holistically and practically in a way that helps you excel then to your optimal self.

The physical body is actually designed to want to regenerate and heal, over a lifetime when it is exposed to chemicals, bad habits, emotional trauma, non-beneficial foods and drinks it can become overloaded with, what we will simply state as, toxic overload. This is a culmination of everything that is built up and not been able to process. It essentially changes the way your body can function through processing of nutrients, production and conversion of information through hormones and enzymes and even down to your base energetic rhythm and flow, the place where the electrical impulses connect through the nervous and tissue pathway.

When there is a build-up like this you will start to recognise symptoms of your body not functioning as it should. You will not be able to think as clearly, experience loss of motivation, and many other things that tend to culminate over the years that lead one into more serious illness or disease. There is also then the roll on impact that it has on your mental and emotional body. Through this ongoing and often slow transition in life of the body slowing down due to what it is exposed to one tends to make excuses for what is not otherwise understood ... things like 'it is just old age', or 'I have always been predisposed to this', or 'it is just the way it is now'. There are many excuses you can make for not feeling optimal but that which is right in front of a person is often denied and not seen.

Diet: your body is literally your temple! It will respond to the way you treat it. If it is exposed to chemicals through non-beneficial foods, synthetic medication, excessive alcohol and the list goes on. In life excess or deficiency of anything is not beneficial. Your body can only work with what it is given so consider this in everything you do!

Environment: what you connect to on a daily basis is going to have a massive effect on your health and well-being. When the energy and body is out of line you are not as resilient to external factors and this can very much open you to allergens, skin issues and sensitivities.

Mind: this is a complex and intricate tool we are blessed with and when it is not performing well it can easily 'trick' you into believing things that are not true! When your body and energy are out of whack you do not think clearly, you start to feel vulnerable and not worthy, you can't see the forest for the trees. It can be very confusing.

Lets talk emotions!

This is another area that impacts on the way your mind, body and soul functions. Emotions can easily become 'stuck' within the physical body, within the energy body and when you have negative emotions doing this it creates havoc on so many levels. It can open you to illness and blocks on many different levels physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, abundance in life even ... The thing about emotions is that they can also come through from past lives. When you do not, or are not able, to process what you have been through then this too will culminate and often repeat in the present and going forward into the future. This is where energy healing is truly miraculous and you can work with techniques yourself through intention or you may find you need extra help with that, from someone like myself that specializes in helping with recognition, release and healing through working with reiki and light energy.

OVERALL, where to start?

There are a LOT of different really simple things you can connect to but it is important to know that these things are about adopting beneficial routines, letting go of what doesn't work to be able to live life differently to what you have been and hence opening a journey of healing that you will see, over time, is a miracle in itself. For me this journey took me from a lifetime of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue to living life, to being able to live life and enjoy it fully without restraints. Miracles truly do exist for I feel I have personally experienced it for myself!

  1. Energy healing: if you have not tried this then please connect to my Facebook Page via links on the home page as I offer free energy healings every week for those that are looking to create that positive shift in life. Perhaps also you have considered learning reiki? I can also help you with this!

  2. Intention setting: and positive affirmations, a brilliant way to help 'reprogram' thoughts, attitudes and ideas to detox from the games the mind and emotional trauma can play on you. This is powerful in that it, when used ongoing, raises your vibration and helps you feel good, it connects you to direction and self worth that ultimately makes everything else easier

  3. Diet: learning to eat correctly in a way that your body can truly fuel your existence rather than eating for comfort will literally change your life in so many ways

  4. Water: so important to help flush the body and function optimally. Energy needs water to efficiently flow through the body also so when you are dehydrated you are likely to be feeling sluggish and tired, unfocused and possibly achy

  5. Massage: including reflexology for hands and feet. This is incredibly powerful and beneficial to help mind body and soul release and heal

  6. Emotional release: there are a lot of emotional release techniques similar to EFT (emotional freedom technique) so find one that resonates with you and work with that

  7. Clean up: if your environment is a mess then you are also likely to feel less motivated. Good energy flow within and around you is pivotal in this process so take time to pick up the piles left about, organise and make your space one that feels good

  8. Salt bath or foot soak: this helps to draw out the physical toxicity, it relaxes the mind, the body and the soul

  9. Meditation: helps with connecting to higher thought, this release of the daily going on's really opens you to a clearer and more focused life in so many ways

  10. Exercise: find what works and resonates with you so it can become part of your lifestyle. It could be qi gong, yoga, gym, walking, running, sports ... mind body and soul benefit from this!

I am sure there is more, but I am also sure this is a fantastic place to start if you are looking to create change in your life, to live more fully and completely. I personally offer mentoring if you feel you need extra help and guidance. If this is the case don't hesitate to connect with me through email or social media ... my whole reason for being here is to help others step into healing as I did, I look back to where I was and it feels like a lifetime ago! Dedication and the decision to want to try are the most important factors in all of this.

Your life, your vision, your abundance and truth in mind body and soul is yours when you awaken and make those changes needed.

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