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Ginseng - spiritual properties & meaning

Updated: May 24, 2023

Ginseng is a brilliant energy of helping to detox, energetically, and bring everything into alignment in a way that allows your energy field, and the different energy pathways, to 'breathe'.

When you work with this plants frequency within any healing practice, or for personal use in keeping the plant in your home, or using it as a supplement etc you will find you start connecting with greater clarity, sense of purpose and ability to just achieve in all ways.

This shift is such a beautiful fine tuning through the sound frequencies impacting positively on the brain functioning, through to the shift in the density of the aura, and this culminating over time to bring beneficial influence into the physical body. This is So very profound for the intricate

nature of the detox and allowing shifts you in a way that unless you are paying attention, you may not even realise it is happening. This means that the changes you are making in life feel organically guided through logical action, in such a way that you may not even conceptualise that ginseng is the underlying reason for the changes.

It is a beautiful thing to live in clarity, and in good health and something that should be deeply appreciated every day. Working with plant energy is powerful and should not be underestimated! My personal healing journey out of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue into perfect health and beyond that, to be a psychic energy healer is profound, and a large part of that was recognising how to incorporate many diverse practices to bring solid foundations to help the mind, body and soul transform.

A lot of what we do is simply intention. To intend, and then visualise and feel that with every breath. That is your truth, and that is then, what is attracted to you.

Ginseng is a beautiful healing and clarifying energy.

If you have a pendulum with a percentage chart, you can dowse for how beneficial ginseng would be for you. Break that question down into where you need the energy to channel most - meaning, how beneficial is it to channel through your energy, versus the physical body, versus higher self, versus relationships etc. Knowing what you need, and where you need it, is massive in creating positive outcomes moving forward.

I offer mentoring if you would like to learn more about channelling energy into or through certain areas of mind, body or soul.


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