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Pistachio - Metaphysical Meaning

Updated: May 24, 2023

Pistachio tree

Pistachio metaphysical meaning:

I am a huge lover of the little green pistachio nut, and this week I am guided to bring a greater understanding of what the energy of this tree can help you with.

Pistachio Tree is one of majesty, it gives me a sense of the divine feminine birthing potential through empowering and activating within the energy pathways what is needed in alignment to whatever intention you may be working with at any given time.

To channel with the Pistachio tree frequency, bringing this into the column of light that radiates through the core of your existence and grounding you into the crystalline grid of Gaia, will literally activate a regeneration of what is missing or latent so you shift then into realities of achieving your goals.

What does this mean in practical terms though?

We all exist in life in line with our holographic field of potential. This is like a pre-written blueprint of soul potential to be achieved in this life. If you strive to be exceptional beyond what your potential offers you at any given time, then you need to upgrade through this energy field of consciousness so that you can experience expansion through your source code which activates into your mind body and soul of the life you live now.

The Pistachio Tree frequency is potentially key in helping your vision to be your reality.

So if you have been striving for something, and not achieving it, it may be the codes that activate through the blueprints of your soul are not active. This frequency has the potential (when working with teams in spirit and intention) to literally birth and switch on what is needed for you to create pathways into your physical existence in the now, to then experience the remembrance, lessons, people and opportunities that bring forth your vision.

Amazing right?

It is only by doing in open trust and belief of a higher power you exist as when working with this energy that you create the change. Perhaps you WANT to believe but don't know where to start, I can help.

Perhaps you are already on a spiritual path and are looking to expand into a new way of doing things, I can help!

Trust that you are here for a reason, listen to that inner knowing guiding you to the next step. Your soul knows the way, and when you are ready, I am here to help.

Mentoring with Susan
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