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Eucalyptus Tree Metaphysical Properties

Updated: May 23, 2023

Eucalyptus Tree
Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus tree metaphysical properties.

The Eucalyptus tree evokes in me a sense of timelessness, of being able to access the wonders of the world through the secrets it has kept safe and remembered. In context it feels very akin to the camel energy actually (read about the camel here).

To channel through the energy of the Eucalyptus tree you will find yourself accessing pathways of unseen potential. A clarity that will connect you to inspiration through thought and ideas. It is a sense of existing in greater wholeness as the reactive frequencies and distortion in the energy fields dissipates through it's natural ability to purify and heal. This is a quality that it offers when using the physical product through oils, incense or creams, through to the expansive use of working with intention to bathe the soul through the light and love purity channels to expand consciousness and create more clarity.

Your ability to use the frequency of Eucalyptus to enhance communication pathways with others, with spirit, ancestors passed, or with the frequencies of GAIA and the land connecting within and through the time space continuum is exponential. Your intention, visualization and ability to channel through that, will help to promote the intensity of what you connect with. It will also help to rewrite the reality of what your holographic field of potential currently connects to so you can move into a slip stream of heart aligned opportunities. This is where your truth is, where you excel and as you continue to work with this energy you will open through the crown calibrating into higher frequency and awareness for your soul to 'remember' its truth.

Eucalyptus has its benefits in all you are and exist with as it grounds you deeply through the earth star chakra, as it awakens you greatly through the soul star chakra. Clarifying and breaking down destructive stuck karma, energy that creates loss and the infiltration of other frequencies that block your soul fully embracing the light and frequency that your soul magnetises opportunities through.

Learn more about channelling through Eucalyptus and other energies for personal or professional expansion through one on one mentoring with me.

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