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Hematite Metaphysical Properties

Hematite rock and bracelet

This gemstone is fantastic for all, it is cheap and readily available from most places that work with crystal sales - try HERE if you are looking for somewhere online to purchase from.

The metaphysical properties of hematite are all encompassing as it regulates and opens to create correction in the way the energy forms, transcribes and communicates through mind body and soul. So what does that really mean for you though?


With the energy pathways releasing the difficult and dense energy, the mind is able to be clearer, and in that space of clarity positive lifestyle decisions are made. Rather than existing in exhaustion where it is 'too difficult' to cook, care and live in love, you will likely feel more inspired to take the steps needed to maintain positive routines that regulate the 24 hour sleep wake clock beneficially. This creates a ripple effect of healing in the body. The mental clarity and vitality also encourage you to eat properly, exist in positivism and again, this ripples into positive healing vibes that create a forward motion of feeling free and good in the body you live in.

You will likely, over time, experience a stronger immune system, greater balance in your hormones, enzymes and ongoing shifts that help with water retention, digestion, and regulating of the body systems over all.

Mentally and emotionally

Hematite helps to open awareness, clarity and sense of well-being.

If you are wearing this gemstone against your skin daily you will likely experience a balancing through the ultra low frequency of the cells and body systems which also impact the brainwaves and functioning of the body. This is an overall 'coming back into alignment'.

You will find your aura also starts releasing density that it has been absorbing from the environment, from EM frequencies and other peoples emotions. A fabulous gemstone for not just protecting your energy but cleansing and healing also. When your aura is clear and healthy, then the body can function more efficiently in a way that is healthy and balanced.

Spiritual and psychic

Hematite's qualities help to moderate and balance through the base energy flow of your life, it also, through the noted benefits above, help exponentially with your spiritual and psychic clarity. You will find yourself being more intuitive and trusting of what you feel and experience, of the signs and guidance from spirit. Hematite opens the communication pathways and regulates the energy frequency to allow the alchemist within you to manifest more efficiently through the divine elements and realms, and with teams in spirit.

Working with hematite over a longer period of time will open you to a slow evolution of expanding perception, alignment to higher self and creativity that connect to and flows through your life however that may form individually for you.

Be sure to clear and recharge all crystals that you wear, meditate with, or keep close to you as this will keep them optimal to manifest positive change with you and in your environment!


If you live, love and resonate with crystals, then consider taking that to the next level!

Crystal Memory Activation activates your personal signature frequency with that of crystals. This session is low cost and can be repeated as many times as your soul calls to be 'ONE' with the memory and knowing of these beautiful gifts from GAIA.

Every attunement helps to move you out of the karmic sludge that has previously blocked this, and into the clarity of remembrance. It is a beautiful and enlightening experience to know the personality of your crystals, to awaken the spirit of the elemental working through them, and to incorporate the crystal energy into your own daily healing and well being for yourself, and others.

It starts with this beautiful light code activation --> BOOK HERE <--


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