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Keep Calm & use Crystals! ¦ How to Clear & Recharge to be beneficial

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Cleanse crystals

They shield and protect us, heal us, centre us and connect us to clear thinking, to intuitive knowing, to releasing limiting and sabotaging behaviours and thoughts (just to name a few of the benefits!). They are a blessing, a gift from Gaia, they are, when used correctly, able to help you manifest a reality you want and desire.

They come in all colours, shapes and sizes but the question we are focusing on today is ...

Have you cleansed and re-energised them?

These gorgeous stones that resonate with so many of us can be a blessing and a curse. When cleansed and recharged they offer us so much support but if not they can actually do more harm than good.

Crystals are energy, they omit energies and absorb them. have you ever noticed your crystals starting to look dense? Changing colour? Getting cracks through them? This means they have done their job and absorbed what energies they can but are full. At this point they actually start overflowing and omitting the heavy non-beneficial energies back out to you!

That is not obviously not good at all.



So, the big question is ... How do you cleanse your crystals and how often should it be done?

Every 2 -4 weeks! If you are using them for more specific reasons aligned to recovering from an energy healing session, from illness or trauma etc then I would recommend once a week

How to cleanse (choose one of the following):

  • Sit them in normal white table salt for 1-2 hr

  • Pass them through incense smoke for about 10 min

  • Place in salt water (including the ocean) for 1-2 hr, note this is not suitable for ALL crystals

  • Use reiki with the intention to clear, cleanse and recharge to be beneficial

  • If you work with a pendulum you can use this working with the intention to clear, cleanse and recharge to be beneficial

How to energise (choose one of the following):

  • Sit in normal tap water for 10 min

  • Place in the sunshine or moonlight, this is dependent on the crystal and you may need to research to know what it needs

  • Use reiki or your pendulum with the intention to energise the crystals beneficially

So I suggest if you haven't done so, get busy and see how doing this simple process helps the moods and energies of yourself and the atmosphere around you!

If you are looking to learn more about crystals and the benefits they offer then check out my Facebook page HERE or my Instagram page HERE for the 'Gemstone of the Week' post that is published every Sunday

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