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Ivy Plant - spiritual meaning

Updated: May 23, 2023

The energy of IVY is one of being progressive forward movement, of expressing your truth unashamedly in a way that brings shelter, comfort and positive influence to others around you.

It is quite a symbiotic energy that does not work alone, meaning that when you heal or express through the energy of Ivy you are doing so into and through the shared consciousness, energy, and matter around you.

This has the roll on effect of creating positive avenues of shift in life, it opens you to exist more expressively in the world, where and as your authentic energy signature belongs.

You can expect to feel more empowered, be more connected to ideas, thoughts and concepts that

allow you to open, and step into new pathways of potential that your soul is yearning to walk, but previously, you have not been brave enough to do so.

Ivy is an offer of personal growth in a way that blooms organically and courageously with others. It is a brilliant energy to work with when you are creating positive pathways with family, friends and even into a professional expansion with clients or business associates.

Intention is always key, as you channel through the frequency of IVY, see it, feel it and know it.

Be reflective on the shifts that come forth, be aware of, and appreciate how you are manifesting this for yourself!

You alone are a magical being so when you come into a space of working with this gift from GAIA to help recreate your eternal truth within this life, then the manifesting of incredible shifts begins to happen. You are an individual and yet any form of higher alignment and success in life is deeply held in the collective energy with others.

This is where IVY truly shines in how it establishes the bridge of reality from one place, to the next.

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