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My Soul History ...

Living beautifully, Dreaming big, loving all that is with appreciation & gratitude
Me sitting behind the beautiful Henrhyd Falls, Wales, UK

Past lives and understanding them, I can't express enough just how valuable this is in ones journey and just how much sense it makes of your life in the present to understand what you have been through and experienced. The people you have met, the situations and experiences with those people that have now led you to repeat in patterns over and over seemingly stuck in an endless loop of re-experiencing similar situations until one day, somehow, you find a way to break the patterning and step into new beginnings.

So much of the trauma, bad luck and issues we experience come from our past lives and also from, in large, our ancestral line. There are many patterns of illness that are actually just a form of generational curse that are, at some point in time, placed there to prevent you awakening to your potential. Take for example Alzheimers or dementia. It is known that it is hereditary but think beyond that, consider the impact on your souls progression to awaken to its purpose and potential if every life you were inflicted with this. The culmination and scars from each existence resonating within you deeper and deeper pushing you further and further from your truth, your authentic brilliance and ability to live life fully.

Consider for a moment the thought that if you could trace back through your family line, if you could see the influences, the manipulation, the distortion where and as it has happened to bring you here. I mean, really, this is true for any infliction of mind, body or soul ... just IMAGINE ... forget the thoughts of doubt and it being impossible, just think of the possibility of travelling back through the network of your existence and re-incarnations to find the VERY absolute beginning of it. Resolve it there and recreate your truth.

Hmmm, incredible isn't it, to expand the perception and allow yourself to believe in the 'impossible'. But is it impossible, like really?

I have lived with chronic fatigue, with fibromyalgia, with relationships that are toxic and spent years not being able to imagine a life without pain, without that negative undertow, without 'counting spoons' to make it through my day and without an underlying deep confusion as to what ever happened for me to be living with this existence. I always knew there had to be more but was so baffled as to how to connect to that. I felt trapped in the life I was living and with all my best efforts I couldn't seem to make a difference.

One day I happened upon a (divinely sent) lady. She was more than a gift, she essentially woke me and started the ball rolling to my abilities that I can now access. She somehow cleared the fog to show me what the path was that would lead me to where I need to be. When you find that person in your life, just take time to appreciate potentially the efforts Spirit has gone through to bring them to you to manifest the change you have been asking for, and of course, to appreciate that person too!

From here I learnt so much, so fast. I soon found the ability to connect through the time matrix and would feel and be shown my soul history. I worked with this so diligently to heal in a way that medical science cannot heal. Fibromyalgia is an umbrella term that seems to encompass non-specific issues that are extreme but seem to have no source. What I found in my soul history though was mass trauma, torture, possession, betrayal, poverty, illness, accident ... the list goes on as I worked through these lives. Different experiences and situations and the people were consistent in one aspect or another. I learned to resolve the issues at the source, to release the karmic debt and the ties to the toxic people that would lead me into those situations, I learned to heal and overcome everything from ongoing pain, chronic fatigue, mass food intolerance's, emotional instability, and brain fog that was so encompassing that to have thought, motivation or clarity was a miracle in itself.

I managed, through releasing the past, to resolve the present. I heal EVERYTHING with energy and what I have learned on this path, it is so deeply profound. If you can understand where, why and what the source is for the issue at hand then you can essentially overcome anything. I invite anyone that is ready for profound change for themselves, their children or family to walk this path with me. Be guided by a deeper truth and understanding. It is not easy releasing, but when it is gone, that is a miracle and a divine gift to behold. You no longer have to live a life that is 'less'. Connect to the love and light, the passion and purpose that you feel inside, all is possible if you just let yourself believe.

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