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Pendulums Demystified

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Large wood reiki pendulum

Pendulums demystified ... When you are out there looking for a pendulum to dowse with and to work with for healing, lets be honest, it can be confusing! Here in this post I am going to do my best to try and outline what is most ideal for you at what point of your abilities awakening. Like everything in life, it changes and evolves with you.

To be taken into consideration when choosing the right pendulum for you

  1. What you are doing with the pendulum

  2. What your personal vibration is

  3. What other divination 'tools' are you working with

  4. How efficiently you cleanse your space and tools

What are you doing with the pendulum?

  • Seeking yes / no answers from your team in spirit or your higher-self?

  • Dowsing and looking for answers using pendulum dowsing charts?

  • Balancing chakra's, healing your aura, working on your energetic body?

  • Clearing negative energy / spirits, crossing earthbound souls?

  • Healing, aligning and manifesting change in the physical body?

Why is your personal vibration important?

Basically, in a nutshell, the higher your vibration the more you are connected to being a channel for light yourself hence the energy and frequency of the pendulum may actually be a step down from you personally channelling the energy and working with intention rather than sourcing it through a pendulum.

This is more a consideration if working with healing and balancing through mind body and soul, also with clearing of negative energy and helping souls to heal and cross into the light.

Use the chart below to measure your personal vibration and the vibration level of you pendulum ... just as an interesting experiment you can measure the vibration before you cleanse the energy of it and then again after!

Bovis energy scale dowsing chart

What other divination tools are you working with?

Working alongside with charts, oracle / tarot cards, astrology, runes, dowsing rods etc can all help with intuitive knowing and clarification alongside what you learn with the pendulum.

How efficiently you cleanse your space and tools

This is a huge factor to consider as crystal pendulums will absorb the energy and can be prone to dark energy manipulation a lot easier than copper or wooden pendulums. When there is a 'heavy' energy within the tool you are working with it will not provide you with the accuracy or the efficiency needed to channel energy for clearing, healing and balancing.

Moving forward ... what pendulum is right for you?

* Home made from string or chain and a weight of some sort on the end

- Perfect if you can't afford to buy something. There is nothing wrong with making the most of what you have in your environment!

* Crystal pendulum

- There are many different crystals and all will be adventageous in one way or another but these I find are ideal for communicating with spirit / higher-self, for clearing your energy field, healing, balancing and aligning IF your energy frequency is lower than that of the pendulum.

Note, I have felt and seen others feel an 'icky' feeling following using these if their frequency is quite high personally

These are also great for dowsing with charts but it is important to cleanse them regularly to be sure that the information coming through is in love and light only.

* Copper pendulum

- These tend to resonate slightly higher than the crystal pendulums, I have found them brilliant for communicating with Spirit / higher-self and for working with dowsing. Like noted above, if you personally have a frequency lower than the pendulum channels the energy then you can use this for mind body and soul work.

* Wooden pendulum

- These are optimal as they do not easily hold onto the energy that they channel or that is in the environment. The wooden pendulum connects to high vibrational energy that is perfect on all levels working exceptionally well for clearing dark energy, spirits, possession and control. They help those that are earthbound to heal and can open portals easily working with Divine teams to cross them into the light.

These pendulums are exceptional for working with healing and aligning the physical metaphysical and energetic body's and can be used in conjunction with your own healing energy flow to manifest healing and change that cannot be achieved with crystal or copper pendulums.

Working with intention and the wooden pendulum you can easily transcend through past and present to clear non-beneficial influences in your souls history.

Check out this supporting blog to know which pendulum is right for you! --> HERE <--

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