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Spirit Animal - Horse

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Spirit animal horse
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The Spirit of the Horse comes to you to help you open to a stronger sense of freedom, unity with self and others, to connect to the wild and untamed raw brilliance that lay within your soul waiting to awaken!

The horse spirit works through the energy of the earth and also a lot with fire. There is a healing energy that flows through the horse and connects you to a sense of purpose and belonging, this naturally leading you into making choices and connecting to pathways that free the soul from the institution of ‘should’ and ‘have to’s’.

When connecting and working with this energy for some time you will start to realise that you are more than you thought or believed you were. You start to connect to a higher version of yourself where ego is not dictating and the opening to expand thoughts, ideas and step outside of where you have been starts to exist. This is the freedom, the freedom from pre-conceived thoughts, freedom from stuck mind-sets, routines, ideas and character traits. This is potentially life changing.

The energy here becomes almost magical in the way it transforms and empowers the way you see and do things, it is a stepping out of the old and into a higher version of self resonating with newfound perspectives of potential that is rising within. You are at this point connecting to a greater sense of personal power and ability to authentically express yourself. To be able to troubleshoot and work through situations to find solutions, the ability to endure from start to finish of a project, activity, idea etc

In short recapping the energy of the Horse:

  • Connects you to your personal power

  • Helps to align to authentic expression and truth

  • Evolves ability to change things up and step out of set thoughts and routines

  • Opens the mind to be more through awakening your soul

When the spirit of the horse comes to you, or if you are calling on it as you feel you are ready for 'more', then you know that life changes are coming forth, something big is in the air and the energy around you may feel electric and excitable as you step up into it. Enjoy the journey!

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