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Spirit Animal - Porcupine

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Spirit Animal Porcupine
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This little guy, the Porcupine! What a treasure he is, he feels like the underdog that goes by un-noticed and yet everyone should in fact set an intention for help from him!

In spirit this little guy is an amazing protector of your emotional, intellectual and psychic health. His talent does not so much lay with clearing the negative energy but if you were to work with him along side the energy of the gemstone tourmalated quartz you would have a powerful energetic combination to help you protect from taking on the negative energy of your environment or from dark spiritual attack.

To take this one further you will find that the Porcupine is a friend in helping you to resolve fragmentation of your energetic essence, slowly and steadily recreating a solid grounding that is beneficial for you to be able to absorb and connect to the valuable earth energy. The element of earth is important for the ability to ground yourself and for mind, body and soul healing.

When you call on and work with the Porcupine you will find you are more akin to wanting to eat in a manner that is of benefit for your body, consider for a moment that protective quality that he brings forth, well this is also what is going on for you. He is helping you to align mind, body and soul by protecting you not just from others and spirits but also from your own self-sabotaging tendencies.

All this in time, when working with the spirit of the Porcupine, will awaken you to a new level of determination and motivation to walk a path that is aligned to your higher potential. This protection and ability to make more beneficial choices for yourself creates a beautiful shift that is welcomed if you are looking at a journey of mind, body and soul health and well-being.

In short, recapping the Spirit of the Porcupine

  1. Connects you to the element of Earth for grounding and healing

  2. Protects you from non-beneficial energy in your environment

  3. Manifests a spiritual protection especially when working with tourmalated quartz also

  4. Helps to align you to positive decision making

If this aligns to where you want to be OR if you are being visited by the spirit of the porcupine then embrace fully this truth, it is a wondrous thing that can awaken and an alignment to possibilities you perhaps have not before realised.

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