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Stepping into an Abundant Life

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What I have written here is to help you grasp a better understanding of why the small steps and important, see what is the point of them in the bigger picture of helping you move from where you are to where you want to be.


Working with methodologies of:

  • Meditation: learning to let go, disconnect from the day to day stresses and be one with self

  • Grounding: to be able to feel connected and present, safe and secure in yourself

  • Affirmations: positive thought to create direction and reprogram away from negative patterning

  • Intention setting: a way to manifest what you desire into your reality, energy flows where intention goes!

  • Healthy eating: fuel the body, don't feed it. Gut health is so imperative to feeling good physically, emotionally and having mental clarity

  • Drink water: purify and cleanse the body of toxins, energy also transmits more efficiently through water which means you will have more energy and clarity


  • Mental clarity: you will find you have more focus, your thoughts clear and ability to multitask and make the most of every moment, to learn, to remember things ... everything will be easier

  • Ideas: you will connect to more ideas, conceptualizing thoughts and putting together the pieces of your life to create opportunity where before it may have seemed like there was none

  • Direction: realising the ability to act on that clarity and those ideas with a clear understanding of what needs to be done to achieve your goals in a logical realistic way

  • Sleep deeper: positive and deeper sleep will bring greater memory consolidation, focus and energy for the next day. You heal when you sleep deeply, this is huge for functioning optimally


  • Motivation: easily managing all in your day, positively and assertively achieving what you want and what you need to do

  • Opportunity: awaken more and more with positive energy flowing from you, this returning to you in plentiful amounts as life responds to your shift in frequency and energy vibration

  • Positive flow: mind body and soul evolve. Doors that have been closed open. Abundance starts to flow more easily accompanied by success, love of life, appreciation and gratitude

All that you become starts from those base steps. The small steps ARE important to help you get to where you ultimately want to be.

Believe in you, work with affirmations that target your thoughts that are challenging, that bring you down. It is a process and journey of restructuring internal belief systems to help you step up and out of negative karma.

The personal journey of any one person must start within, trust the process, trust that despite feeling that it is likely a waste of time, that just maybe, it will step you up and into a place that is more beneficial than where you are right now.

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