Higher Consciousness

Have you ever stopped to consider how much we do out of fear? Fear of the unknown, fear that it may hurt, fear that we will be judged by others or even fear of knowing who our true self is. Why is it we fear these things? At what point in life is something happening to our minds that we feel we must conform to certain behaviors and lifestyles. Does it come from society? Friends/family and that want and need to fit in? Or perhaps it is just about how we view ourselves and it has nothing to do with any of that. Whatever it is or is not, at some point I believe most of us end up being locked into ways of acting and people and even ourselves expect given responses and functioning in certain ways.

Now imagine, what would happen if you completely back flipped and broke free of the constraints. Of everything you THINK you know. I dare you to try, just let go of all the limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep you locked in the space you are now. The biggest belief I let go of at this time was that I was ill. I didn't want it to be that way so I stopped waking up believing it and started telling myself that I was healthy. I dared to step out and breathe in a more authentic me. You may ask at this point ... what if I don't know who I am after all these years? What if you are just a little bit like I was and you feel lost and so detached from the person you once was and you know for a fact that there is no way you are still that same person and then where does that leave you?

I will tell you. It leaves you at the very beginning of a new journey. Those first steps out of my 'normal' lifestyle, way of thinking and way of behaving where magical. Letting go of all I believed everyone expected of me to just be ok with me, with all my flaws and all my fabulous bits too. For all the overthinking I did it turns out it was just me expecting that they expected these things, those closest to me unconditionally love who I am in whatever form. I like my own self so much more now without the constant internal conflict raging. It was almost like peeling away layers of an onion skin, with all the protection mechanisms I had put in place. It turns out that it is ok for those that love you to see you not doing well. To be honest with them and yourself (most importantly) and the more you do this the more you let people in and really start expanding into YOU.

As I walked this new road of honesty I found I could hear my own intuition, my internal guidance letting me know exactly what I needed. It became easier and easier to be kind to myself, knowing and understanding when I just needed to stop. Not judging myself for pushing harder thinking 'I should ....'. There is no point. If you are not well and you need to heal you need to slow down for a while. Find your higher consciousness through meditation, mindfulness, drawing, sewing (whatever it is that takes you away) or even by finding a quiet beach, or a forest path to meander along. Being in nature and grounding yourself, feel how amazing the difference is when you just let go.

Today I dare you to take steps towards releasing those limiting beliefs that keep you in invisible restraints. I know from personal experience what a wondrous and rewarding journey of discovery it is.

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