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There is no better road map to happiness than the one imprinted in your heart

Take time to Reflect on your journey and to appreciate how far you've come

I remember in the early days of just starting out with my change of lifestyle, of mindset, of diet. I had been receiving reiki healing's for about 2 months at this time. Generally I was doing fantastic, after the daily struggle for over 13 years ... I believe this is something you can truly only appreciate if you have experienced it ... I was waking feeling good, my mood was positive and I was feeling like I had my whole life to look forward to all of a sudden.

I woke this day and my body was just screaming at me, I knew I would not achieve my yoga routine today or even the simplest of tasks, but on the flip side I reasoned that meditation was more in line with where I was at that point. It is interesting thinking back ... I was not discouraged by this 'setback'. In actual fact I felt I was in the midst of creating an amazing dream that was coming to life before my eyes.

Healing does not necessarily happen in a straight line. What I mean by that is there will still be ups and downs but you need to appreciate how hard you have worked to get to where you are at that point. You have been self-reliant and been careful to make the best possible choices you believe you can that are right for you and your personal growth. I took these days as an opportunity to be at peace with myself, in my own thoughts, to just draw or meditate, to reflect on the beautiful things in my life and to envision how they would evolve and grow as I did.

What happens when we stop and review our plans though? What if something doesn't feel right? What if you have put your all into it and it is just not ringing true? What then?

For me, and for you, it's time to turn within at that point. Listen to your intuition, be guided by your dreams, they are messages that are not blocked by your conscious mind. As you begin and continue on a journey like I have been writing about you find your intuitive abilities become heightened, it is then just a matter of tuning into that to find clarity. It is through this clarity that your true self is ultimately discovered. This is where I discovered me. This is where after years of floating and wondering what my purpose was I found out exactly what what I had to do. I have never felt so sure of anything!

It is interesting to note as well, at that point there were some significant people that showed up into my life, like a gift from the Universe. They welcomed me into their circle and enriched me with courage and confidence to follow my true path. It is remarkable when you stop and think about it, how through one or two people there is suddenly a whole new world of possibilities opening up for you to explore. Right when you need it most! I love the way life works like that. The backhanded comment so many of us throw out ... 'be careful what you wish for' ... is so true. Just ask, put it out there to the Universe and see how life will then conspire to make things work for you!

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