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Let go of what no longer serves you

You know, a lot of the choices we make in life are not always conscious choices. They are bought about by imprinting that we have experienced over years of living, for some, over lifetimes of living. Ironically it is these choices and daily thoughts that ultimately guide us to how we feel.

Do you think it sounds ridiculous to think that your emotional state is affecting your health?

Let me explain further. We all have a vibration level. When we are trapped in negative thinking, destructive behaviors and sadness this vibration level drops considerably. Unfortunately this can create a circular effect where you don't feel great and hence you continue thinking and hence feeling sad, not good or down. When your vibration is too low for too long it can lead to physical symptoms of illness.

What if, for a moment, we could step outside of the box. Step out from the world we live in and watch. What would you see?

I suggest this weekend finding some time to do just this. Put all chores, thoughts and busyness on hold - actually schedule time out. Take some non-action to take stock of all you are and what is going on around you. It is important to do this! Unless we can objectively review these things we cannot improve on them.

So whilst you are in this quiet moment that you have so kindly booked for yourself take note of not just what you do not really like but of what you DO like about your life, about the way you act and feel. Then, and here is the kicker in the activity, focus solely on those feelings. Find a way to bring forth all the good stuff, all the love, joy and gratitude. Really revel in the way it makes you feel to be in that place. It doesn't matter how small a piece of joy you have to start with, or how little appreciation or kindness ... just grab it and nurture it and expand on it. Find a way that this becomes the normal way of things. It doesn't matter how long it takes but as long as you are focusing on the POSITIVE you will begin to raise your vibration.

Now what is going to happen over time is that all this positivism that you bring forth and keep making yourself think of, every time you envision it in your minds eye something interesting begins to happen. You start to celebrate life. You will manifest abundance and joy and love. You will find that the negative stuff doesn't bring you down like it used to and that feeling of gratitude and appreciation for all that is around you will continue to grow creating an upward spiral of celebration in your life.

Its truly wonderful, to just feel and know that you are in a good place. Sometimes it does take time and effort to get there but these are your life choices to make. Do yourself a favor right now ... book that time out for yourself this weekend. No excuses, just do it. Go out on a limb and see where you find yourself. The road to self discovery is an interesting, sometime tumultuous but always worthwhile trip to take.

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