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Sleep is the BEST Medicine!

Lets talk sleep!

Sleep is so important in so many ways and I believe super under-rated as far as where to start healing from. If you are an energy healer then check out my dowsing chart set for working to optimise sleep HERE, it is so beneficial!

When you sleep, like REALLY sleep it connects you to healing, mood stability, focus, motivation and to rejuvenating, it connects you to memory consolidation and it connects you to limitless possibilities to learn through dreams and so much more ... and here you thought you just closed your eyes, right?

It is a great idea to create a positive routine leading up to bed time, I know you have no doubt heard this a lot if you have been connected to me and my page for a while and I guarantee that there is really something in this. The following suggestions I make are not overly impactive on your time but will truly help - of course on top of these suggestions you can consider meditation, eating habits, wind down from tv or device time etc

Some routines to consider that may resonate with you:

Working through Delta and theta waves - listening to sound therapy that connects to the intentions of

  • Energetic alignment

  • Physical healing

  • Communication with you team in Spirit

  • Forging pathways to open your higher potential

  • Divine/intuitive knowing

Keeping a gratitude journal

Working with a gratitude journal just before you switch out the light and sleep. You write 5 things that you are grateful for in your day, big or small, you don't need to over think this. For example

  • I am grateful that I was able to organise myself to get all I wanted done today

  • I am grateful that it has been beautiful weather and I took time to be outdoors

  • I am grateful that there is so much love flowing into my life

  • I am grateful just to be me

  • I am grateful to see what I am manifesting coming forth around me

  • I am grateful to be connecting through my own divine truth

  • I am grateful to have amazing friends and family

  • I am grateful .... what are you grateful for??

As you can see, this is just an example to help get you started but when you go to bed feeling gratitude and this energy stays with you as you sleep you actually are starting a process of raising your vibration to then WAKE feeling more positively aligned. This cycle evolves like a snowball rolling down a hill gaining momentum. Small steps to big change.

Bed time affirmation
Evening Affirmation

Intention setting

Connect and align through intention setting and dreams to understand what you truly need to move forward in life. Setting intentions as you go to bed each night alongside the above noted routines would significantly increase the probability of remembering what you are shown in your sleep AND to a deeper rejuvenating sleep to wake feeling fresh

Work with the following to start out till you find a routine that fits you:

  1. Take some deep breaths

  2. Repeat the text in the evening affirmation that is inviting your team working in love and light and your highest good to clear and resolve issues as you sleep

  3. Request to be shown through dreams messages and guidance (often these are cryptic, you may need to use a dream dictionary to help understand what you are shown)

  4. Set any other intentions you feel you need at the time

  5. Thank your team, fully relax and ask them to help you connect to a deep and rejuvenating sleep that aligns you to wake clear, focused and ready for the day ahead tomorrow

This REALLY makes a difference, it is not immediate but it will create positive change, thoughts, ideas and pathways will open to you (even if you are not consciously remembering your dreams). You will start connecting to intuitive hits throughout the day and things just generally open to happen that you are working toward. It can be quite subtle the shift that happens but conscious awareness of what you are working toward and what is coming forth really helps, this brings us also back to the gratitude diary. Consciously recognising the good things happening in your day!

Remember, you are a CONSTANT channel for energy, wherever you are and whatever you are doing you are connecting to that energy, it doesn't always need to be what I call an 'active' session. Keep setting the intention and ask you team to work through you to help you create shift, to manifest, to heal. You are a co-creator with spirit to manifest change. By you inviting your teams in spirit in you basically open your energy to have them help you and this creates a path of so much more potential than you just trying to do it all yourself. Remember that teamwork makes the dream work!

Intention is everything, gratitude, actively providing the tools, frequency and energy for your team to work through WILL make a remarkable difference in your life. Love and light and may all you do manifest a reality of brilliance aligned to your vision and higher truth.

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