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Passion, Purpose, Progress – bring it on baby!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

So there I am, wasting another 5 minutes of my day scrolling through Facebook. I find myself doing that a bit lately. It’s easier to dissolve into the methodical scrolling, than it is to answer kids, tick of ‘to do’ lists, maintain relationships, fix problems.

Can you relate?

Does that constant motion of life leave you feeling like you’re on the longest involuntary train ride ever?

Sure, you bought the ticket for this particular train – cause most of the folks you know where doing it, and as you stepped aboard you were happy to be heading toward the place of your dreams. But now that you’ve been on it for a while and you’ve chatted to the other passengers, watching them come and go at various stops along the way, you find yourself feeling the urge to get off at the next stop – only you can’t. Your ticket says your destined for a place much further down the track – or does it?

Our world these days is filled with media that unknowingly herds us toward the tracks on to trains that carry us away before we realise where we’re headed. So how does one take a step back to see what is going on and change that trajectory?

The answer ... Create media of your own!

Remember I said I was scrolling through Facebook? I mentioned that, because I wanted to tell you about an image that popped up. It was titled ‘what’s your self-love language?’. Mine is ‘Words of Affirmation’.

Ok ... you say, sounds nice?

Aside from the fact that we all know self-love is a well talked about base for overall well-being and success, why do you suppose that particular post landed in my feed? I certainly needed a gentle reminder to pay attention to my ‘words of affirmation’! Is it some conspiracy algorithm that hears everything I say and knows a post like that will peak my interest? You bet! I count on that technological world to pay attention to what I’m telling it I want!

It’s called manifestation baby!

The process of setting intentions for yourself and connecting with the universe to seek and draw them toward you is manifestation. It sounds all hippy-like, and it even looks it sometimes – that very much depends on the person. As you may well have read before, we all manifest – the only difference between me and the other mum who is sinking herself in Facebook for a moment to escape life, is that I’m doing it with intention, awareness and purpose.

That message found me because I take the time to communicate with the universe, and all those technological listening ears, about what I see for myself.

I write it down, draw it, paint it, collage it (have you heard of vision boards – look it up!). I decorate my home with items that bring me joy, so that joy will find me everywhere. I use art to surround myself with practical lists, words and reminders (I made my own unique home organisation board – see the pics above – you’re welcome) so that I can feel peace and contentment in my daily tasks. These simple, but very intentional things, set me up to see, feel and hear joy and success every day in everything I do – even when I cry.

My personal vision board for 2019 (again, see the pics above – I’m planning to do this every year from now on) brings me focus – often without intentionally focusing. I appreciate daily, that my passions will lead me to find my purpose, and the trials I face along the way will give me fuel to grow and make progress toward my dreams!

Passion, Purpose, Progress – I’ve got this and the universe is with me!!!

Balance your Chakras

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