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Attracting & Aligning to your Soul Mate/Family

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Soul Mates, Soul Family

It's a question that is asked often ...

How do I go about attracting my soul mate/soul family and what does it even mean to be connected to my soul family?

These are the people that connect to our soul, connect to our truth and that can through all situations find a way to be honest, respectful and together you evolve and grow, create and can be the best version of yourself possible. It is a beautiful thing to find alignment with these souls that you ‘belong’ with, that align on levels that is not seen, understood or able to be done with others.

Having these people in your life doesn’t mean that suddenly everything will be easy but rather that you have a solid support system that can help guide and work through life, the ups and downs, the good and the bad, the easy and the hard, from destitution to abundance. They are invaluable and some will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have met these people but others may need a little help, that is who this is for … those that want to meet, expand their circle of and evolve these relationships around them

The best place to start is to open your perception and belief to that of new beginnings, to the belief that it is possible for you to create your own magic. It is, in fact, possible for any person out there to do what follows to help manifest the reality you want, to bring into your life the energy you want and need to be most abundant in all areas of life

This is a daily ritual you can do to help manifest your soul family/mate, to open to the opportunity of healing and working through conscious steps to create change.

Work through a basic meditation/visualisation every day (or as often as you can that works for you) that follows these basic steps … feel free to customise it as you get used to it and evolve to your own perception and intention that you are working toward any given time.

  1. Take deep breaths and invite Spirit working in your highest good to work with and through you to connect and align to the higher vibrations of the energy web of life to manifest positive change and new beginnings, to align to your soul purpose and your soul mate/family. If you want or can visualise imagine a giant web of consciousness that connects everything, this is where you need to tap into and send out your positive thoughts and ideal’s for what you would like to manifest

  2. See and evolve the elemental energy flow within and around you, the air, earth, fire and water and the cosmic energy flow through you and evolve this all into your hearts centre combining and then expanding it out connecting and integrating with the energy web

  3. Now, connected with this energy, state (or think) clearly of all that you are releasing that is non-beneficial ... pre-conceived thoughts, ego and ideas, idealism's that you have believed in yet have never align you to where you need to be. Consciously state that you are now letting go of these, whether you state them out loud or just envision them releasing from you. There are no hard and fast rules, do what works for you.

  4. As you 'know' that this is releasing you then cast out into this energy network your intention for all that you are wanting to come forth, the energy and abundance in life and love, focus, clarity, truth, honesty, friendship, motivation, soul connection etc. See in your mind’s eye these connections aligning, the souls coming together, all that is good and ideal coming to you.

  5. Take your time here, resonate and feel the truth of what you are doing as you expand out into this high vibration of light consciousness, know that this is you manifesting, know you are creating your highest and best reality … this is a fact, not a want but a destination that is coming forth

  6. When you feel complete, that this is done, re-connect your essence with your body, take some deep breaths and slowly bring your consciousness back to the room

Doing this daily will make a massive difference for you, will open that alignment and truth to your own higher purpose. You can change your intention and wording where and as you feel drawn. The more you do this the easier it will get so please do persist!

The energy that you draw on aligns in the following ways

  • Draw on the energy of the east for new beginnings

  • The element of air for truth and purity

  • The element of fire for passion and purpose

  • The element of water for emotions and clarity

  • The element of earth for grounding and balance

There are many other energies that you can work with, the planets, the star systems, the north, south and west etc and perhaps if anyone is interested, sometime we can look more into that, for the purpose of this exercise what is mentioned above is what will benefit the most for those looking to create change, clarity and connection to higher purpose in life!

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