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Agatized Coral Fossil

Updated: May 24, 2023

Agatized Coral Fossil

Agatized Coral Fossil fills me with such a sense of wonder that is accompanied by a deep

resonating peace within. It is an energy that seems to transcend time to bring emotional healing.

When I close my eyes and travel with this frequency of agatized coral I find myself floating in a still pool, deep within the womb of the divine feminine. It is bringing me awareness of the jewels that are created when we tap into the deeper consciousness of the soul and allow that to birth

into the active mind and life. That slow crystallization of the love and lessons learnt transforming into this place that is exquisite in what it offers as we open to radiate it through mind body and soul.

This energy frequency - visualising this to flow through the body organs and systems, through the cells and the communication pathways of how we function. It feels to revolutionise the who, what, and how that we operate on a day to day basis. It is freeing the mind from what has shackled it, healing the body from the heaviness that has made it sluggish and no longer optimal in the vitality it operates through. This is healing at the source point to allow a rebirth through remembrance of peace. Without the emotional trauma the body, mind and soul have a remarkable ability to heal, and this is exactly what this crystal offers.

I take this energy another step and encourage it to flow through my higher-self pathways. Rarely, (if ever) as a psychic energy healer have I seen people that absolutely open through this space of eternal experiences that is held here. In my minds eye this agatized coral is like a soothing balm on the wounds helping them to transform into white petals that become white feathers and then complete doves. A messenger again of peace that awakens the potential to birth what the soul already knows. How stunning and profound all at the same time.

In short, recapping the energy of Agatized Coral Fossil

  • This energy evokes a rebirth of all that is good

  • Awakening the physical body into healing in a way that is from the source, not just the symptom

  • Energises the mind, body and soul through the frequency of peace

  • Activates remembrance of the soul, this brings new ideas & different perspectives to live life in

  • Helps with mental & emotional clarity


Activate this powerful frequency through Anahata codes to positively transform the energy and consciousness that creates who you are in this life.

Read more about Anahata codes, how to truly alchemise your life through water bending and inspirational programs --> HERE <--

Place you right hand on your heart, you left palm facing up and repeat:

  1. I ask for, allow and activate the assisting frequency of AGATIZED CORAL

  2. Then repeat this number 7 times:

  3. 47 08 2209

Each digit is pronounced individually, and the spaces are slight pauses (like words in a sentence). Conclude by placing your left hand over your right (on your heart) and breathing in and out deeply with gratitude.

End with saying “It is so”

These codes can be used in a plethora of ways to help you step into the light and magic of manifesting the life you want to live. Physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically. Follow the link to access the pathways offered and to discover what would be most beneficial for you.


Overviewing this energy, I would have to say right now I feel a deep sense of gratitude, peace and joy. When I learnt how to activate the light codes to be aligned to crystal energy, and then to optimise it through repeating that activation to ongoing refine it as my energy purified through the years of inner work I have done. This is what allows me to know this energy like I know my best friend, how it feels like home and brings that vision that travels me to what needs to be recognised through it. No step is too small when it comes to remembering who you are on a soul level. If you want to step onto this journey with crystals, or continue it if you have already started, then follow this link --> HERE <-- or click on the picture below.

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