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Blue Calcite

Blue calcite crystal

Blue Calcite is many things amazing! This gemstone is perfect to help create change out of difficult patterns that trap you into a non-progressive life style, and align instead, to the expanded vision you actually have for your life.

You can simply wear this gemstone, or work more actively with it in meditation, channel with energy healing through the vibration of it or activate the assisting frequency into your energy field to receive mind body soul as you actually need for stepping up and into the healing it offers.

When you work with it in some form you open yourself to the potential to gain clarity. This clarity is like updating the filing system of your Akashic field as it impacts on the mental and emotional processing. Essentially you are giving yourself permission to heal out of difficult wounded contracts and low vibration energies that trigger reactive responses, ego, and limit the way you perceive life. As the wounded emotional energy resolves, you are then able to update into an enlightened fluency through the communication pathways so you are thinking, believing and processing in a way that is shifted into something fresh and new, and in turn, it magnetises positive outcomes not before received.

Bringing awareness to its remarkable ability to help nurture and create the concepts, thoughts and awakening of the light is invaluable.

For those of you on a soul journey walking the road where you are releasing the difficult energy and patterns of the past, and stepping into the light, then this gemstone is one that is particularly relevant for you.

This frequency of blue calcite is akin to fertilising the seeds of hope, of vision and all that you want to come forth. It is akin to a time of spring, assisting the expansion of all things beautiful to blossom. It helps protect through mind body and soul as it flourishes and inspires what comes forth to be aligned to your truest reality. So beautiful.

This healing, communicating and expansion of all you are and as you exist will align you to be more intuitive, connected to thought, ideas, concepts and positive energy flow.

Overview of Blue Calcite in short:

  • Heals the mental & emotional wounded karma held in your Akashic field

  • Awakens a sense of freedom and can do attitude

  • Heals the physical body as the emotional wounds release

  • Connects you to new ideas and concepts

  • Cleanses the emotional energy you empathically absorb through the day

  • Due to less emotional baggage you are likely to have clearer psychic vision, dreams and meditational journeys

  • Transforms your aura into a higher vibrational frequency which promotes feeling good


Activate this powerful frequency through this Anahata code to allow for deep inner transformation that is organic and freeing in the way it evolves into your life.

Read more about Anahata codes - the 'how' to truly alchemise your life through water bending and inspirational programs --> HERE <--

ACTIVATION: Place you right hand on your heart, you left palm facing up and repeat:

  1. I ask for, allow and activate the assisting frequency of BLUE CALCITE

  2. Then repeat this number 7 times:

  3. 692 386

Each digit is pronounced individually, and the spaces are slight pauses (like words in a sentence). Conclude by placing your left hand over your right (on your heart) and breathing in and out deeply with gratitude.

End with saying “It is so”

These codes can be used in a plethora of ways to help you step into the light and magic of manifesting the life you want to live. Physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically. Follow the link to access the pathways offered and to discover what program would be most beneficial and empowering for you.


Being in oneness and understanding crystal energy to better receive the benefits they offer.

To recognise the subtle shifts and vibration when holding them, to know what you need, and in that live in a more optimal alignment of manifesting the life you want to live.

Every shift or awakening helps and this low cost crystal light code activation is like a million angel blessings as it turns on the switches within the processes so you feel, experience and know crystal energy in those times of quiet mindful practice.

When you are ready to embrace your crystal journey, or continue it if you have already started, then follow this link --> HERE <-- or click on the picture below.

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