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It's getting personal now ...

I was sitting here considering all those just needing/wanting to step into the journey of healing, the courage it takes, the inner strength and the battle you fight with yourself for what you know you need and knowing how to make it happen. I have thought that perhaps sharing my own story, which I have done in part but not like this, would help. This time I am copying and pasting straight from the diary I kept, it is a simple documentation and observations as I worked through my initial energy sessions. This is obviously not something I can give you all at once but if this resonates with you then please watch for continued posts over the following weeks.

Step 1

Get brave enough to make a call.

Where am I? I am in a place where it is difficult to think, everything is shrouded by an un-explainable fog. My days feel long, painful and without meaning yet there is something inside me that is screaming constantly to get out. I long to be whole, this semi life I am leading feels pointless, I want more … I want it more than anyone can imagine.

One day I get brave, I have heard and read things about healing past lives to live better in today. What if there is some remote chance that this is what is going on with me? In my opinion it may be a long shot but it is worth asking, so to the local spiritual shop I went. Some recommendations and some phone calls and I found myself talking to Pamela.

I want so badly, I don’t know what I believe, I don’t know what to think but I do know that I want to be functioning on all levels and hence my journey did start.

13 August 2015 - first appointment

Akashic records read, relaxation, healing and visualisation on letting go

A feeling envelopes me, it is more than peace, more than contentment!

Body, mind, spirit – all three must heal mutually to be complete as one. I have come from this day being ready for new beginnings, new open mindfulness and new possibilities.

18 August 2015

I feel tired, but I feel at peace. My head is not arguing with itself and I am not forcing myself to do what ‘should’ be done. I feel happy. A profound experience I had with Pamela, my senses alive, my body tingling, all whilst in the deepest state of relaxation.

Pamela performed something like psychic head surgery; strangely enough I had a ripper of a headache yesterday and woke again with it again in the morning. Is this healing, ridding my body of what is no longer needed? I feel my time is coming and the possibilities are there!

A week of vivid dreams, is it my mind working overtime or is it messages to better negotiate my life?

25 August 2015

Healing session was intense, body tingling, jarring, head swooning. I just had surgery on my soul, time to rest and recover.

3 days to recover, just rested, slept and lost myself in my drawing. I wasn’t capable of anything more, just kept reminding myself to be open to possibilities, be open to healing; I am feeling better AND to be kind to myself!

Still dreaming super vivid dreams, I am waking from them still feeling the emotion.

29 August 2015

My fatigue levels are through the roof at the moment, biding my time, this is all for the greater good. Loving the focus I have for drawing and how it takes my mind off how I am feeling.

Pamela is unlocking a whole new world for me and really is helping to unlock new possibilities. I am feeling very grateful that I found her and had the courage to take this step.

I had an initial appointment with Carol today, she is a nutritionist. Boy did things change at this point! New diet plan, new way to feed my body.

Now we have action on all three fronts … body, mind and soul. Forward motion and progress, I physically feel blah but emotionally feel that I am on the right track for the first time in maybe … ever!


So, that was my first month! Even just taking that first step and committing to it, I had no money to spare and had no idea even if spending on this would get me to where I needed to be. I really did take a leap of faith, nothing else had ever worked, the medical practitioners could not help, nobody seemed to know anything .... looking back, I am so appreciative and grateful of this journey and finding my way.

I would love to hear thoughts or comments, there is a part of me that feels very vulnerable and unsure in sharing this but on the other hand I feel I was so fortunate that this journey bought me to a place where I could then work with the energy to heal others, what a blessing! I am happy to share my experience, my knowledge and my journey if it will help you, this experience and understanding that awoke something in my soul so profound that I built my business on it!

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