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Learning to use Oracle Cards

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Learn to use oracle cards
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You know what they say right?

There are many ways to climb a tree ... well the same is correct for using oracle cards, the trick is finding what works for you. I thought I might walk you through what works for me, if you are new to this and looking to expand then it might also work for you too!

So, you have a deck you love, when I buy a deck I always take time to get acquainted touching and looking at each card, taking in the style, the feel of it, the details that could be overlooked but in actual fact really do matter. When I have done this I cleanse the deck of any energy it is holding onto, I actually do this before any reading at any given time to make sure I align to the love and light and there are no conflicting frequencies guiding me in a non-beneficial way, for me this involves the following:

  1. Holding the deck in my hands

  2. Setting intention for all that is not of love and light influenced by my team in spirit to be cleared and released

  3. Seeing in my minds eye the drawing in of light and love energy through my crown flowing through my souls essence and into and through the deck I am holding essentially cleansing completely

Initially this may take some effort to visualise but in time you will master it and it will happen really quite seamlessly and without overthinking. Like anything, creating new habits and routines takes time. I have seen and heard others say they clear the energy from the cards simply by tapping on the top of the deck three times with the intention of the previous energy dissipating ... perhaps if there are other techniques you could comment below, help build awareness of what works!

So you have your deck, you have cleared it and now you find yourself shuffling. Don't over think this, there are many different ways you can shuffle and it really is about what you feel comfortable with! I just shuffle and then either a card will jump out at me and I know loud and clear that this is the message to come forth in line with the question or intention for the reading I have set. If nothing jumps out, what works for me is the following:

  1. I close my eyes and just fan the cards through my hands, feeling them with my senses without overthinking anything, just let go of thought

  2. I open my eyes and will 'know' the card I need, it like is obvious to me all of a sudden

  3. I select that card and pull it out then start over for the next card

This part of connecting to the right card for you is also unique for each person. Some will shuffle and just take from the top of the deck, some will cut the deck then select and others will take from the bottom. We are all unique in the way we are drawn to work with these tools from spirit, it is so important to embrace YOU in this, to just do what feels right rather than forcing a routine that is taught by another but feels ganky and awkward to you.

When actually coming to read the cards, this is always interesting. I read the book and take into account what that says in alignment to the card, I then just allow my self to stop thinking and gaze at the card/s, to let the message that is in line with my question/intention to come forth. It is important at this stage to not overthink (again) and to just allow yourself to be shown, to feel the message that is right for you. The card write-up's are brilliant but often the message for you shown through the card is deeper and more personal, just be consciously aware here of what comes into your thoughts and don't disregard it as nonsense.

This part takes you trusting in what you feel, what you intuitively know and working with that. A great way to gain confidence is to practice on friends and family, to keep practising. When I first started out I focused on using one deck only, I got super comfortable with that one deck and mastered that before I then just naturally and intuitively evolved to work more easily with my other decks.

It is all a process of learning, embrace the journey, give yourself the time. Create a routine that opens you to pull a card each day for you, then perhaps work with card spreads like 'past, present, future' for influences around your enquiry. There are a lot of ideas online for working in this way in a simple fashion or in a much more complex way.

Oracle cards are just one of the 'tools of spirit' to embrace to help you understand the unseen influences around a situation. Commitment and perseverance will open you to learn and be fluent with the skill, this is invaluable in so many ways. You can journal your daily card reading and keep track of what you are seeing, what is coming forth in line with your day to day life. Again, conscious awareness of the path you walk ... this is an insight, an opportunity, a gift to work with, thank you Spirit!

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