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Spirit Animal - Hawk

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

The spirit energy of the Hawk is a true gift and is deeply associated with the Blue Ray soul group, if you are not sure what that is then please check the link at the bottom of this blog. The hawk works predominantly through the elements of air and fire which is a powerful combination that links you to an attentive, competent, fearless and purposeful persona.

To have the spirit of the hawk as you totem potentially aligns you to a path of achieving assertively in life, it is like an inner quality that just connects you to know and drive yourself toward the vision and purpose you have. If this is your totem and you are not connecting to that energy then it would indicate that there is a loss of communication in the pathways between you and the hawk, a need to work to reconnect with that inner truth and awaken the elements of air and fire within your own mind body and soul connection.

To have the spirit of the hawk visit you or alternatively for you to call on it to work with will really help you to manifest a positive change in mind-sets, attitudes and perceptions, to release all that negative and spiralling inner conflict that tends to present as cynicism, sarcasm, self-sabotage and overall blocks your ability to manifest a higher reality that is connected to abundance and growth.

All you really need to keep in mind, when you break it down to the bare bones of it, is that the hawk at your side in spirit will expand your perception, you will learn to release that which continues to bind your soul and truth. If you know where you are meant to be, you have that vision and desire but can't seem to make it happen ... the hawk will help!!

In short, recapping the Spirit of the Hawk:

  • Helps to release mental blocks to connect to assertive mind-set

  • Aligns you to the elements of air & fire which connect you to a 'can do' attitude

  • Expands your perception and understanding of life

  • Helps to heal emotional karmic wounds

Take some time to meditate, to feel that energy flow through you and when you are ready you know the hawk is there to help and guide you into a more beneficial mind body and soul alignment.

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