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Discovering my calling!

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I am so fascinated reading back through my own beginnings and here, only 3 months into the shift I discovered my destiny (despite the challenges of working through the releasing!), this was the moment I knew I was going to do what I do now, but honestly, mind blowing that it has evolved and manifested like it has. I have no doubt that my calling has always been there and just waiting for the opportunity to present and have me understand!!

13 October

First time in 4 weeks I have had a healing session with Pamela. It felt amazing, I came out of the session feeling so at peace and just wonderful. We worked on a more cellular level today, letting go of past generations so they do not tie me down anymore, working with those feelings of limitlessness and possibilities.

Later after the session I am definitely impacted by it. All I feel like doing is zoning and not moving … I remembering to be kind to myself, allow the healing to take place. Wellness will follow.

Getting lots of sleep and continuing on track with the food regime, meditation and gentle exercise.

Still dreaming loads, very vivid, so many messages.

31 October

Think I have hit a proverbial brick wall. I just can’t get to feeling good.

What has changed?

My self-care regime is in place still, this is very frustrating!

10 November

Saw Pamela today, it was incredible.

That beautiful feeling of peace that you feel after the energy transference. Interesting session, very powerful.

Messages from spirit to draw! I am shown my drawings will help people heal, I love that thought!

Discovered my spirit animal guide is a wolf, he will help me as I progress on my own healing journey helping others, yay!

An emotional moment in my healing session today as I was regressed to a childhood situation and Pamela helped me release the fear from this, to heal and move forward from it, I was a sobbing mess and it did catch me by surprise.

So grateful to those helping me heal, such a beautiful journey rediscovering me.

12 November

Still such vivid dreams constantly…

Trying to continue on my self-care regime but my body is screaming at me, yoga is not going to happen today, meditation may be better aligned with where I am at at the moment. I am doing better than yesterday when I barely dragged myself off the bed all day.

Not feeling discouraged, baby steps and I will get there.

17 November

Appointment day!

Excellent, I love how I feel after them, and I always feel so creative too, even if they do knock me about a bit.

Hoping for a better day, not sure if I am not well, if it is the diet or what but am all over the place at the moment. Jinkies I tell you this getting well thing is a rocky road!

Appointment was cancelled .. Never mind

24 November

Saw Pamela this morning, she is a most remarkable person.

I want to do what she does; I want to help unlock people’s potential to find their true selves. I feel so positive and content and willing in her space, what she says makes so much sense to me.


No doubt you have read in quotes and from others that the releasing is messy and uncomfortable but this just goes to show that despite the challenges of letting go the moving forward opens you to such inspiration and hope. It is like the extremes of what will challenge you to your very core but in the end bless you with the greatest gifts ... your authentic truth, purpose and potential.

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